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Firefox Design. Continously and automatically backing up Sessions to an additional file and folder of my choice

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A problem I'm not sure Firefox has addressed or resolved in all the years I've been using Firefox - even after it changed its programming, and the way it saves session (or even bookmark) backups to the profile folder, is: whenever Firefox is forced to shut down after a computer software issue (like freezing, blue screen, extreme sluggishness, etc.), and we presume (with fingers crossed) that Firefox will open back up with all our tabs intact for the past 7 - 20 days, but instead opens with them all missing and forever gone - even after immediately and instinctively proceeding to the profile folder (before shutting down Firefox) to recover them using Mozilla's recovery steps to replace the "places.sqlite" file, I periodically find that every single one of the recovery files has been re-stamped with the same date and time (and missing data) as the new places.sqlite file.

So I hope and pray, that because this issue happens to thousands of Firefox users over time - no matter what Firefox version update their using (because it has happened in several versions for me), that a terrific way to prevent forcing users to find and use a great sessions manager addon that saves tabs (with all their history - that won't also crash or easily be written over), or forcing users to constantly worry and remind themselves to manually backup the required profile files daily, or having to remember minimally, to backup the profile files "before" opening Firefox after a crash, (which seldom happens), that Firefox offers its users the option to set Firefox up to continuously and automatically save a complete new (additional) set of backup files to a different folder of the user's choosing, with the extra option to save a "set" number of session backups, where Firefox can't access them upon opening. Imagine how much anguish, anger and self loathing Firefox will eliminate in the world with this one simple option.

Here's another wish-list item. If Firefox could present the list of open Firefox windows that appear at the top right of the screen whenever hovering the mouse over the Firefox icon in the taskbar, I wish for the popup list to permanently nudge down so it "never" covers up my open tabs in each of the open window's (which is how I know I determin which of the numerous windows to navigate). And of course the list should self adjust whenever I turn the "Menu Bar" on or off. Thank you, in advance, for considering these two important items toward the Firefox experience.

If you're wondering why I haven't moved on to the latest version. It's because I all too "often" encounter my valuable "business" addons no longer working, and the miserable task of trying to go back to the previous version, or trying to find new addons that work half as good. Sometimes all of my addons disappear. I also wish I could turn off Firefox's constant reminder, to upgrade since I've asked twice before, with no Mozilla reply. Thank you again.

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