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After most recent update - I've lost my extensions/add-ons, logins, and the urls in the bookmarks.

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The Bookmarks are all there, but the url is missing. None of the extensions (including ones I've paid for are there)

The logins weren't there, but are now restored from a previous install.

What I have done...

1. exported bookmarks to html and checked them out there. They were broken there as well.

2. Refreshed Firefox,

3. Restarted the PC.

4. Uninstalled Firefox (and discovered that I had both X32 and X64 on my machine) - uninstalled both. 5. Reinstalled Firefox x64 (current version 86.0.1)

6. the places.sqlite files from previous restores have the same problem.

I've started to refresh the links for the toolbar which has taken me awhile. I don't want to have to do it for all my hundred's of bookmarks.

Ideally what I'd like to do is uninstall the latest update, look at the bookmarks to see if they are still stuffed, and if the extensions are there. If they are ok, then I want to back the bookmarks to html. Reinstall the update, then restore the bookmarks. (And make a list of the extension names so I can reinstall them).

My guess is either that the sqlite file has corrupted, or the update has changed the file layout for the bookmarks, etc, and it's unable to interpret the links.

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Hi Fred,

I have 3 profiles listed in about profiles. None of them have working bookmarks. i.e. the bookmarks are there, but not the url.

In the folder -


there are nine profile folders. None of them have working bookmarks.

I have tested them in separate browsers.

The oldest profiles are dated 2019. The most recent before today is 20 Dec 2020

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Restore Bookmark Backups

Firefox automatically makes backups of the bookmarks. These are stored in the bookmarkbackups folder.

Open the Bookmarks Manager; Press the Alt or F10 key to bring up the toolbar, and select Bookmarks. Hot key is <Control> (Mac=<Command>) <Shift> B. Firefox 84+ <Control> (Mac=<Command>) <Shift> O.

Once the window is open, at the top of the page, press the button labeled Import and Backup. Select Restore. From the list, pick the file you want and click it.

The backups are stored in a jsonlz4 file named something like this; bookmarks-2016-06-29_1424_enD1GTH ya0JmicnYWg4V4g==.jsonlz4

In this example; 2016-06-29 = date created, 1424 = number of entries.

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I think you already know how to find your active profile folder (or any profile folder you have used that you didn't Refresh). But just in case, you can go to the internal about:profiles page and each profile Firefox knows about will have a table with two rows. Click the "Open Folder" button in the "Root directory" row to find the bookmarkbackups folder. These compressed files have the date coded into them so you can determine which ones are the most recent.

I have a converter to generate an HTML page from the compressed backup. If you try that with one of the files, will "Export HTML" run? I would expect it to crash if the URLs are blank, but I've never tried it. if it runs, save the generated file somewhere convenient and then open it in a Firefox tab to see whether the links have their URLs.

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All the bookmarkbackup folders on the profiles were empty last night, and there was one from 8:30pm yesterday created )i.e. after the problem occured).

This morning when I started up firefox, all the bookmarks with empty urls are gone. I have the html backups, and the saved places.sqlites, so they're not gone for good. But I have a ton of bookmark folders that are empty now.

I've imported my bookmarks from chrome (which are about 2 years out of date) so I have some but I think unless I can uninstall the most recent update from firefox, I'm going to have any chance of recovering them apart from manually. (Which sucks)

I did a file search and found some jsonlz4 files from 2019 so I'll try them -they're about 15 bookmark ones, and a over a 100 other types, so I'll see what they do. They were in an archived folder from when I upgraded my computer (I think?)

Jeff - your bookmarks -> Html works, but excludes the bookmarks without urls.

edit: my current stuffed backup has 19K bookmark places in it, the 2019 has 9K bookmarks in it. So it's not going to be sufficient.

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I called for more help.

Open the bookmarks backup folder. Then take a screenshot and post it here.

In order to better assist you with your issue please provide us with a screenshot. If you need help to create a screenshot, please see How do I create a screenshot of my problem?

Once you've done this, attach the saved screenshot file to your forum post by clicking the Browse... button below the Post your reply box. This will help us to visualize the problem.

Thank you!

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Attached is the screenshot you requested. It now has 2 backups - one from yesterday and one from today.

I should mention that I am in Australia, so my responses will be delayed if you are in the US.

I've currently got the 2019 backup that I found in the old firefox data that was in my archive. That's added back all my frequently accessed and menu toolbar.

I'm looking into creating an html that adds all the missing bookmarks back. At least I won't have to re-setup the bookmarks prior to Oct/2019.

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Did you find any other profile folders? Normally there would be about two weeks worth of backup files in the folder if you have been using this profile for a while.

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Also, look in the other profile bookmark backups.