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Clear or Remove Recently Bookmarked

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Just wondering if, and where, is the option to completely remove, disable or clear out the list of "Recently Bookmarked", from the bookmarks menu?

From clicking the icon in the top right, that looks like a stack of books, and then clicking bookmarks, that drop down menu, "Recently Bookmarked".

I do not want that list and find it kinda redundant and annoying to have a list of bookmarks, that I've already bookmarked mind you, sitting there that cannot be removed or cleared. I've searched high and low and can not find an option to remove that list or option. Like a history of bookmarks, that I've already chosen to bookmark.

Bookmarkception I guess was the goal there...


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more options

It is just a list. If you delete any of the bookmarks listed, you will be deleting them from your bookmarks library altogether. You will have to live with it.

more options

These Recent lists shows the result of a query and as long as there are bookmarks then this query will display results. Note that removing a bookmark from this list will remove the actual bookmark stored elsewhere.

If you haven't closed Firefox then you can use "Organize -> Undo" in the Bookmarks Manager (Library) to restore bookmarks you lost doing this removal.