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"Unable to process the backup file"

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I deleted my entire partition firefox was installed on, and lost mybookmarks, passwords,... . i had this firefox account but nothing recovered by sign in but extensions. so i used some recovery app and found my last -deleted- firefox files and folders (/appdata/roaming/..../profile/...), but i cant introduce/change/swap these files to my new firefox. what should i do to recover my lost data?

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There is no guarantee that deleted files you recover have their original content and aren't damaged as it is always possible that clusters have been used by other files in the meantime. "Unable to process the backup file" can mean that the bookmark backup you try to restore is corrupted or that the places.sqlite database is corrupted.

What file(s) did you restore ?

Best would be to look for automatically created backups in the bookmarkbackups folder as those files are a lot smaller than places.sqlite, so chances are higher for a successful restore.

You can look at this tool to inspect a compressed .jsonlz4 bookmarks backup.