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Why I use the same email address sign up twice?

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Yes, I use the Firefox in Ubuntu 16.04. Firstly I used my original Firefox account sign in Firefox, after I entered the identifying code, I successfully sign in and sync.

But when I exit the browser and open another time, Firefox tell me I didn't sign in any account!

When I type in my original account, it reminds me that I should use this account to sign up a new account, but definitely I have used this address sign up an existing account!

The funniest thing is coming! I use the same email address sign up a new account, then there is an identify email coming in my original email account! there is the email of the preceding identifying code!!!

Finally, I use the "new" Firefox account to sign in, but I lose all my bookmarks, passwords, and so on.

Could someone deal with this ridiculous problem?

The email I used to sign up Firefox is [email]

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Firefox stores the connection details in the Weave folder and in the Password Manager, so it is possible that you lose this data.

Are you still using the same profile when this happens ?

See the "Help -> Troubleshooting Information" (about:support) page for details about the current profile.

You can check the Firefox Account Settings page and disconnect unused or unrecognized devices to see if that has effect.