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Lost pinned tabs (roaming or ue-v profiles)

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more than one week users start report that they are lost pinned tabs. In next logon they not see last pinned tabs, and can see only a half of them.

Users use roaming profiles and some of them use ue-v profiles.

I found that Mozilla Firefox try open files in AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles. This folder not sync for roaming profile. And remove every user logoff. For UE-V unlike roaming , this folder remains (not delete after logoff), but is not sync to a nearby computer. Just AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox - sync with profile.

Is this causing a problem?

I also noticed that after updating the file appears "AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\installs.ini" with content [308046B0AF4A39CB] Default=Profiles/6pkh0btp.default-release Locked=1

and in profile.ini

[Install308046B0AF4A39CB] Default=Profiles/6pkh0btp.default-release Locked=1 [Profile1] Name=default IsRelative=1 Path=Profiles/tldv0ieg.default Default=1 [Profile0] Name=default-release IsRelative=1 Path=Profiles/6pkh0btp.default-release [General] StartWithLastProfile=1 Version=2

What does it mean?

Thanks )

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Hi denis.pasternak, Firefox 67 introduced a new profile name for the "release" channel default profile, default-release. It's a little unclear to me when users get migrated to this new profile and when they do not. However, the migration does not always go smoothly, so sometimes it is necessary to switch profiles.

I always suggest, if the user hasn't already, to close out of Firefox and do a normal Windows shutdown and restart to complete any pending updates and release any file locks.

If Firefox again starts up without the previous data, then check whether their stuff is available in a different profile, as follows:

Profile Manager Page

Inside Firefox, type or paste about:profiles in the address bar and press Enter/Return to load it. Please do not use any Remove buttons on this page.

This page should list at least one profile and could list many. Each will show links to a pair of folders; please ignore those for now.

The profile that Firefox is currently using will have this:

This is the profile in use and it cannot be deleted.

Do you have another profile named default or default-longnumber listed on this page? If so, you can check whether it is the one you were using recently by clicking its Launch profile in new browser button.

If it isn't what you want, simply close that new window.

If it IS what you want, back on the about:profiles page, click the Set as default profile button for that profile so Firefox uses it automatically at the next startup.

Any progress so far?

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By the way, what is UE-V?

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jscher2000 said

By the way, what is UE-V?

It is next Microsoft generation of roaming profile

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Thanks. What doe`s mean [308046B0AF4A39CB] Default=Profiles/xd1om2oc.default Locked=1

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Hi denis.pasternak, the help article "Dedicated profiles per Firefox installation" doesn't mention that parameter, but I think Locked=1 refers to one or both of two things:

  • the profile will only load in the current or later version of Firefox ("downgrade protection")
  • the profile will only load in the same Firefox channel ("Release" vs. Beta, Developer, or Nightly)
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Note that personal data like pinned tabs isn't stored in "AppData\Local", but is stored in sessionstore.jsonlz4 when Firefox is closed.

The secondary location in "AppData\Local" is used for temporary data like the disk cache and phishing protection data, so losing this folder shouldn't affect pinned tabs. Only losing files in the main "AppData\Roaming" location would cause this.