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every add-on and extention just got disabled and blocked, also cant download any new ones?

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every add-on and extension just got disabled and blocked, also cant download any new ones? and nothing happens if i click enable on a theme, and my internet works or else i couldn't send this

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The Add-ons team is working on a fix for this. It looks like a certificate used to sign many popular extensions expired. (The verification process checks that certificate.)

I don't know how soon re-signed versions of those extensions will become available, or whether another workaround will be discovered. We are all hoping to learn more soon.

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ok thank you hopefully this will be fixed soon, also is this the reason i cant download any new ones right now?

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I must be having the same problem. All of my extensions were just simultaneously disabled. When I try to re-add them, or add any new extension, I get the message, "Download failed. Please check your connection." (My connection is fine.)