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Firefox crashes

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I'm trying to go on and find a doctor for my Mother. I went to "Find a doctor". Typed in "General Practice". It searches in my zip code. Results start coming up and then it crashes. I'm using old Mac laptop. OS X v. 10.6.8. Using Firefox 48.0.2 I think the Mac is too old to upgrade to more recent software.

I'm not very digital. I'm 67.

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hi, unfortunately your osx & firefox versions are deprecated and will no longer receive updates to fix this issue.

you could try if the following steps could address the crash: first enter about:config into the firefox address bar (confirm the info message in case it shows up) & search for the preference named webgl.disabled. double-click it and change its value to false, restart the browser and see if this helps...

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Hi Philipp, Thanx for the kind answer. I did about:config. I typed "preference" in search. The results weren't relevant. So the whole list are preferences? ( I'm learning ) I looked for "webgl.disabled"

Found it. The value is already false I left it alone. Shud I just do it anyway? ( double click, "change" to false, then restart browser ) I'm learning.

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ah, sorry - i wanted to write in my first reply, that you should try to set the preference "webgl.disabled" to true - sorry for the mistake! please go ahead and try if you can use the site this way...

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So i changed it to true. I searched on Medicare. Instead of crashing after it started showing results, it showed the webpage with no results, the top of the results page was there ( no crashing ) but no results: just a white blank screen where the results shud be. i dunno if this is relevant, i tried to log on to Carefirst prior to this ( earlier today ). The password page came up blank. Just a white screen. This was before i changed webgl.disabled

Shud I change webgl.disabled back to false  ? Thanx.

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yes, if changing the preference didn't lead to a working site, then you could change it back to the default value again (false).

unfortunately then i think looking into updating your osx version may be the only way to get a browser which is supporting the latest web standards then... Firefox support has ended for Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8

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Thanx Phillipp. How shud i mark this question? Finished?

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There is actually a really good chance that you can update your Mac software. You can check by going to

The update is entirely free and will make your computer more secure and more stable. Then, after you update macOS, you can update to the latest version of Firefox.