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Password importation ver 43 to current(?) on different computers?

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A new to me used computer. Installed Firefox, believe current ver, and wish to transfer internet work onto the new machine. Require passwords from previous machine, ver. 43, where it can export as .cvs or .xmt file. New machine will only import HTML file. The OS's are involved are XP and Win 10 Pro.

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Do you still have access to all of your Firefox 43 settings files? Because Firefox 48 (or Firefox 52 ESR for XP) might be able to use the old logins file immediately if you swap a couple files, and Firefox 66 (for Windows 10) might be convinced to use them.

You would be looking for this pair of files:

  • logins.json
  • key3.db

Can you find any of those files in the old profile folder? The easiest way to access that folder is from inside Firefox while it is running, through the Troubleshooting Information page.

Some references:

Note: Recent versions of Firefox use key4.db so getting them to read an old logins.json + key3.db will require removing the key4.db file from the new profile. I think there are other threads with more detailed instructions.

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cadetson said

... New machine will only import HTML file. ...

That is for Bookmarks - only - never used by Firefox for passwords / logins.