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When I click "History > Show All History" a new window opens up with my history but it is completely blank. What do I do?

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I need to access my browser history to prove a timestamp. I only need to prove a timestamp from less than 24 hours ago but the history page shows absolutely nothing. A completely blank screen. I am not on incognito mode and my recently closed tabs are all correct which shows that there is history being taken of my browsing. Why is my history not showing? I need to see my history to prove that I followed due date of an assignment.

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And again this browser is turning out to be horrible... I attached a screenshotted image of the blank browsing history to my question and it didn't even upload with my question. Here it is:

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You may be in Private Browsing mode or told Firefox not to remember.

Type about:preferences#privacy<enter> in the address bar. The button next to History, select Use Custom Settings.

Turn off Always Use Private Browsing Mode Turn on Remember My Browsing And Download History At the bottom of the page, turn on Clear History When Firefox Closes. At the far right, press the Settings button. Turn on ONLY Cache and Form And Search History leaving the others off.

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I just checked and the browser is set to "remember browsing history". I know that because the recently closed tabs are saved and working so the history is evidently being saved. I'm not sure why it's not showing to me though.

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I don't know why your Library window is totally blank. Something is very wrong there.

Your Firefox reported itself as version 49. Is that correct? Any reason you are running such an old version?

Anyway, if you have a pre-57 version you could take a look at this extension to see whether it gives you a better report:

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[v57+] Places Maintenance is built into Firefox.

Type about:support<enter> in the address bar.

You will find Places Database near the bottom. Press the Verify Integrity button.

When done, copy and post the results here.

Before Firefox 57 Places Maintenance by MaK77 Places Maintenance

Allows to run Maintenance tasks on the database that drives Places, the bookmarks, and history module behind Firefox.

Open the Add-ons Manager. Locate the add-on and press the Options button. Then press Next on the bottom.