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Earthcam stopped working. Just black screen is all I get.

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Every earth cam went black several weeks ago. Mind you I still use an old OS. (NO intention of upgrading it either.) So my version of firefox is 48.0.2 And I even tried with Safari though that one is so dated now I rarely use it.

I tried on two computers. One got the most recent update of flash just the other day, AND the most recent update of java. The other I rarely use and has not had those last two updates. BOTH stopped being able to view earthcam at about the same time.

I tried starting firefox in safe mode so all the adblockers and what not are off. Same issue. Even tried looking at earthcam on my cell phone and got the same black screen.

So could this be some problem with AT&T? I read that somewhere that once that person drove away from home it worked on their phone. I don't see how that would matter, if their carrier is ATT wouldn't their phone just use the nearest ATT tower? I haven't tried it yet but will soon.

One last thought, earthcam is flash based isn't it? What are they going to do when flash goes away for good by 2020?

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