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How can I recognize profile files and restore bookmarks, logins and prefs in a new installation of Firefox?

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I recently used App Cleaner and Uninstaller to delete an extra copy of Firefox on my MacBook Pro. The duplicate application file was already named Firefox2 and I selected that along with it's service files and user profiles, etc. to be deleted. To my surprise, both copies were deleted and I had enabled the deletion to bypass the trash directory. I'm also still kicking myself for failing to make an image of my hard drive prior to the deletion. I used several 3rd party apps to try restoring the files as I'm interested in the stored passwords and the bookmarks. Not an easy task and not practical.

One of my data recovery apps found a copy of bookmarks that I had exported a while back as well as a few folders with a collection of what seems to be user application support files. I'm not sure, but I think they are profiles. There are several folders (although I'm the only user of this computer) each named with an 8-character alphanumeric name followed by the file extension of "default-" plus a 13 digit number.

Among the contents of each are numerous file, folders and subfolders with names that include: add-ons, bookmarks, cookies, extensions, logins, perfs, sesssionstore, signon, webapps, etc. Assuming that theses are the profiles, how can restore them?

In addition, I also found several folder with names such as "0120B2F92360F7C11C4B3CFAC56B25F1B8FA2303C8" containing one file with names such as "E71086F8-C7A8-4D60-9C49-7F291855FE17.01f61a19376cb7ec511b721ea5737760f85b218462". TextEdfit show mostly machine code with text based headers that start with "" Not sure if these are useful.

Two of those files appear to be interesting:

I don't know if these are useful or not.

I am planning to download and install the latest version of Firefox compatible with Mac OS 10.12. What do I need to do to restore the information from these files and which files are actually relevant?

Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

With kind regards, LChoiSF

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Well who knows what Apple calls things. But I think your out of luck.

If you have anything named like below then you have something.

What's What in the Profile

  • bookmarks and history: places.sqlite
  • bookmark backups: compressed .jsonlz4 JSON backups in the bookmarkbackups folder
  • cookies.sqlite for the Cookies
  • formhistory.sqlite for saved autocomplete Form Data
  • logins.json (passwords) and key4.db (58+) or key3.db (57 and older) (decryption key) for Passwords saved in the Password Manager
  • if you only have key3.db then make sure to remove an existing key4.db
  • cert9.db (58+) or cert8.db (57 and older) for (intermediate) certificates stored in the Certificate Manager
  • if you only have cert8.db then make sure to remove an existing cert9.db
  • persdict.dat for words you added to the spelling checker dictionary
  • permissions.sqlite for Permissions and possibly content-prefs.sqlite for other website specific data (Site Preferences)
  • sessionstore.jsonlz4 for open tabs and pinned tabs (see also the sessionstore-backups folder)
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Please see this support KB article to help you identify the files you need to look for to attempt to recover your Firefox data files.

The file names for the Profile folder files you need are the same for all 3 operating system types - Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Beyond that I can't help you with MacOSX, I have been using Windows since 1984 - and played with Linux a bit 10 years ago.

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Many thanks to PKShadow and The -EdMeister for pointing me in the right direction. My files are indeed profile data. The articles you recommend will really help.

I'm a bit curious about the .db files that PKShasdow mentions in his list of tips. Not familiar with them at all. Is it critical?

Will let you guys know how things turn out.

Thanks again, LChoiSF