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Does Mozilla have a VPN product and if not, does mozilla support/recommend any of the VPN add ons?

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Mozilla Firefox is AWESOME! I recently became curious about adding a VPN (virtual private network) to my laptop and see there are several pretty good "free" one's available out there on the internet, some of them saying they work great with Firefox. My question is, does Mozilla have a VPN of their own, and if not does Mozilla recommend or support anyone in particular or none at all? If "none at all" is the answer, do you, (person who had the good luck of getting my question) have a personal opinion on adding a VPN, or any particular one available?

Thanks to you and for Mozilla, Malarkey

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Hello malarkey,

Would you please take a look at this :

Also see these search results

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Pkshadow said

As mentioned in my 'search results' (and more ..... )