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Find always wrap the page

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I'm looking at job posting web sites and when the search gets to the bottom it automatically wraps back to the top. This makes it difficult because I have to keep an eye on the page bar on the right to see if it pops back to the top.

Is there any way to turn off page wrap for the find function? It will save me a lot of time since I scan a lot of web pages for a job.

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When I researched this in April, I concluded:

There's no built-in way to prevent find from wrapping back to the top of the page.

There is a very subtle message displayed in the Find Bar when Firefox wraps ("Reached end of page, continued from top"). The only indication that Firefox has reached the last match is the text similar to "5 of 5 matches" again in grayish text. You can modify Firefox's appearance using custom style rules, so perhaps that text could be made more noticeable, but that might not be enough if you are gazing intently at the page itself.

Depending on your needs, you might want to try the FindBar Tweak extension. It has loads of new and modified features, including showing the full list of matches in the left sidebar as a kind of checklist:

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Thanks jscher2000, I'll check out the findbar tweak. It might make my work a little easier.

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Found a way that works, I use FindBar Tweak to highlight the search word, then I page down to the bottom. I'm able to see which job postings are relevant and I skip the others. Obviously, Page Down doesn't wrap. Thanks!