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Multimedia plugin on won't work.

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Hello Firefox - I'm having an issue with a multimedia plugin in your browser, especially on the following website:

There is supposed to be an audio preview for the word pronunciations, but all I see is a black box in its place.

I've tried installing and enabling the Windows Media plugin, Adobe Flash, and Java. Still no luck, but it does work as normal in Internet Explorer.

Please let me know if you know of a solution - I'm afraid this may affect other instances of video and audio throughout different sites in Firefox.

Thank you! Rick T.

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This site uses WAV files. More specifically, it sends the files with the content type "audio/wav". Since those are so closely associated with Windows, I would expect them to play in the Windows Media Player plugin.

Do you want to check on whether WMP is set up to handle them? Type or paste about:plugins in the address bar and press Enter to load that internal page. Then use Find (Ctrl+f) to look for wav in the page. Can you find any plugins that can handle "audio/wav" files?

If so, which one is it? Does a plugin notification icon (looks like a small gray Lego block) appear toward the left end of the address bar indicating whether it is activated on the page you linked to?

If none of your plugins handle that content type, you could install VLC from here: