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Pop up blockers working or not?

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I have Firefox's pop up blocking on and AdBlock Plus pop up blocker extension but I still get pop ups.

They are normal pop up ads relevant to the website I am on, not like the popups you get with adware or a virus. I have scanned my machine several times, checked to ensure there are no unwanted plugins or extensions and checked my PC's control panel for unwanted programs. All clean.

So go to Do you get a popup overlay like I do?

Scroll to the bottom of this page. Should that popup in the bottom right hand corner be blocked?

Are these just types of popups that can't be blocked or does my Firefox have some issue?


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On the vitamins site, there is an in-page overlay. I didn't see anything in the corner on the other site.

Pop-up blockers target completely separate windows, the kind you can resize and drag around and close outside of the current tab, the kind that show up on your Windows Taskbar as a Firefox window.

To suppress in-page advertising, you would more commonly use a regular ad blocking extension. However, in some cases, the ads are generated by one of your own extensions, in which case, you often lose the battle of the extensions and you just have to remove any that behave badly.