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Like many other users I have found the option of "ask every time" re cookies to be very useful and was concerned of it's removal.

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As annoying as it may have been at times the option (ask every time) afforded by Firefox is one of the main reasons I have used this browser for so long. I learned many years ago that careful control and editing of cookies contributes greatly to the health of my computers. For instance I still use a box with Win2000Pro and Firefox for certain functions. Had I know the latest version had dropped the option I would not have allowed the update. I was suspect when several web launches from emails did not open the dialog today. As of now I have yet to see any explanation from Mozilla as to why this feature was omitted and have to side with some uses about possibly looking for another non IE option. A shame for as stated above my loyalty has been with FF for quite some time.

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Hi Zagamond,

Sorry if a feature you like has been removed. AFAIK it was already probably a broken and not supported feature. I was surprised I did not see any mention of it in the Release Notes

    • There is a list of nearly 3k bugs and it seems it was Bug 606655 - Remove "Ask me everytime" cookies option. initially filed in 2010 with a comment [570366]This option isn't supported, last I checked; I have no idea why the UI keeps exposing it....

Next I must explain we are not developers we are fellow Firefox users. We can discus fixes and workarounds but not Developer's actions and decisions.

You may send a brief feedback comment. The information is analysed, partly automatically, and the results made available to Developers.

There is an old Fx43 solved thread which I think should be closed, but you can still read it and I will for convenience add some extracts here that do relate to Firefox 44. The old thread's solution is not applicable to Firefox 44 and later. The old thread had about 20 replies & 56 me too votes

cor-el said

You can check the "Accept third-party cookie" settings and possibly select "From visited".
  • Tools > Options > Privacy > Firefox will: "Use custom settings for history"
You can set network.cookie.thirdparty.sessionOnly to true on the about:config page to make third-party cookies behave as session cookies that expire when Firefox is closed. You can create a cookie 'allow' exception to keep specific cookies and let the cookies expire when Firefox is closed.
  • Tools > Options > Privacy > "Use custom settings for history"

jscher2000 said

The Cookie Monster extension is an option for those who are willing to let a page load with your default cookie permission, whether it is Allow for Session or Block and then make changes as needed/desired from a drop-down menu.
Sample screen shot attached -- the option to "Apply cookie settings to both HTTP and HTTPS" is turned on, which streamlines the menu. With this option you don't have to set/modify permissions for both HTTP or HTTPS on the same site (why would they be different?).
(Screenshot see: )
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Comment removed from display by a modertor. Sorry we can not discuss Developer decisions here. Please see Mozilla Support rules and guidelines

... Users who post about subjects that are not support requests for Mozilla products will be directed to an alternative discussion forum (such as mozillaZine) or to another resource, if appropriate, ....

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glnz Please do not discuss developer issues and decisions here. Please use

Or please consider trying to find somewhere on

I will edit your post, please do not change my edit.

edit, corrected link for mozillazine

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Edit by a Moderator J99

Sorry but please read my post above. It is no good whatsoever trying to ask or discuss Developers actions here. Dev's only very rarely see anything posted here. All such posts do is encourage others to try to ask, and to see search results suggesting this is a Developers forum.

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Hi sprocketoctopus,

Can we please keep to solutions and workarounds rather than than trying to address the Development Policy.

Thanks, John

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My solution. I've been using Firefox for many years, being the main reason the protection of the user's privacy, the "ask me every time" feature was by far the best one. I've been using it all these years with no issues so far, at the contrary. Now that it has been removed and I've read the poor excuses given by Mozilla developers, I decided to move on and look for an alternative. And that's how I've found Pale Moon, a Mozilla based browser, it looks exactly the same as Firefox but it has "the ask me every time" feature and allowed me to import my profile from Firefox with all my customizations, so bye, bye Firefox, it's been a pleasure but I feel betrayed.

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Thanks iraunsuge, I had already switched to IE which I'm not found of. I will take a look at Pale Moon. Yes this is not a developers forum it is however a place to raise these concerns and hopefully the powers to be at Mozilla will heed our disappointment and consider a change back. We shouldn't have to reinvent their product with work-around or alternate apps. I have used Firefox on my 5 computers and 3 mobile devices previously without major incident. Interesting that Mozilla has been laying a cookie for every keystroke entered here. At least they are not inserting cookies to 3d party sites. Regards to all who have commented, Z

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I also urge Mozilla and affiliated readers of this forum to restore "Ask me every time". It is not only essential for privacy and security, it was the very first step for each non-tech user in that direction. And there is no extension or plug-in that replaces it. IE retains this feature. (Indeed, IE adopted it to compete with FF.) Does Mozilla really want to strip out a core-basic security feature and have less privacy and safety than IE?

If Mozilla is adamant about this, then Moz should at least advise all users clearly, as the elimination of "ask me every time" was not announced, is not immediately apparent to anyone, and was replaced silently by "Allow" all cookies, which no user of "ask me every time" wants or expects.

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Hi Zagamond, this is interesting, I had not noticed it before:

Interesting that Mozilla has been laying a cookie for every keystroke entered here. At least they are not inserting cookies to 3d party sites.

If I open the Network Monitor and watch what is happening, Firefox is repeatedly sending this in the background as I type (some extraneous detail removed):

POST to Referer: Cookie: [all cookies currently set for this server] Content-Length: 0

The response is (some extraneous detail removed):

Content-Type: application/json Set-Cookie: multidb_pin_writes=y; expires=Fri, 25-Mar-2016 17:12:38 GMT; httponly; Max-Age=15; Path=/

{detail: "Conflict: question is already taken."}

So this appears to be related to a message that sometimes appears at the top of the thread indicating that someone is working on answering a question, and the server reporting back that it isn't going to list the person typing as a person working on answering the question because someone else is already listed.

If you're interested in the Network Monitor, see:

I noticed later as I continued to work on this reply that the responses changed to empty plain text, which might mean that now I am listed as the person working on this question. That response looks like:

Content-Length: 0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Set-Cookie: multidb_pin_writes=y; expires=Fri, 25-Mar-2016 17:24:20 GMT; httponly; Max-Age=15; Path=/

Anyway, those cookie exchanges seem to be related to this feature of the forum.

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Thanks for your comments ginz and jscher2000. Re the cookies that Mozilla is laying down, I believe the network monitor somewhat confirms that the "Man" is picking up on keywords for whatever reason which is fine as we want them to consider what's happening in their domain. I don't recall being monitored by every keystroke before on other sites. I have seen hundreds of cookies being streamed on some sites but the tit for tat is new to me. Anyway I will try what the other individual mentioned later and soldier on with IE for now. Regards, Z

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Hi Zagamond, no actual text is sent for each keystroke, you can see in the Network Monitor that the request content length is zero and if you click Params for the submission there's nothing there.

All of the critical data for the purpose of these requests is in the request URL (i.e., what thread are you typing in) and accompanying cookies (i.e., what user are you).

I'm sure there is a more efficient way to know that someone is actively working on a reply, or has stopped, but I have enough on my plate to figure out, there's no room for this.

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Hi Zaagamond, Please note jscher2000 was discussing a feature of this forum.

That feature is intended to help us as helpers see who is active in a particular thread. It has an innocent explanation. It is not to spy it is to help us direct our efforts at unanswered questions rather than on questions someone else is already working on and typing an answer in to.

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