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Keyboard stops working when using Japanese Hiragana input

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Whenever I use the Hiragana input method for Japanese (Mac) the keyboard freezes up every other time I try to type. After typing one sentence or phrase in Japanese, I need to manually switch to another language, then switch back to Japanese to unfreeze the keyboard for use in Firefox. I seems to get stuck when I am offered to choose between homophonous logographs i.e. 用紙 and 要旨, and although the arrow keys work to toggle between different choices, 'enter' nor 'space bar' will register, thus preventing me from naturally exiting the drop down scroll and moving on. This problem only occurs inside Firefox, and only with Japanese Hiragana (Chinese Pinyin works fine ironically). In Safari and other browsers the input method also works fine. Thank you for answering my question.

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Could you please try recording a video of the issue using then post a link to your video here?