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How do I fix Shockwave Flash crashes in Firefox?

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I have Firefox 41.0.1 running on Windows 10 Home.

On some websites, Shockwave Flash crashes, and then the script becomes unresponsive. I have tried uninstalling Shockwave Flash and reinstalling it multiple times and restarting the computer itself to no avail.

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Hi, please see if anything here helps - Adobe Flash plugin has crashed - Prevent it from happening again.

If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you.

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Hello. Man this plug in container is shredding my OS in particular shockwave flash scripts. It cripples the entire OS. Guys this is very serious.

I have minimal plug ins installed so Adobe ... are they doing the scripts for shockwave ?

I do not trust Adobe as I dont see any flash cookies anymore and god knows where they are hiding them now.

I have the latest ver 42 and it is slower to start up. In youtube there is synch problems with the new html video format too. You have to rewind to get the audio and video to synch,

Anway the plug in container. Is there a way this can be run seperately from firefox exe ? Even when I deny permissions for plug in container it still runs. Also I have been having problems with autohide on taskbar when firefox is running, I have to hit the windoze key to view my taskbar Please help as this is not just specific to me. MY OS is clean and runs thanks man