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Mozilla cannot find my profile and not run

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I had several problems to begin with

1.I booted up my PC and tried to boot up Mozilla. The Browser asked me to refresh or go to safemode. I dont want to be in safemode so I refreshed firefox.Once it was done refreshing it opened,closed and asked again to refresh firefox. I kept doing this infinetly. 2.I decided to reinstall firefox, so I did. I also wanted my previous profile folder back so I can regain my bookmarks, passwords,tabs and extensions. It did not work. 3. So now everytime I try to open Mozilla Firefox it says "Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible". I tried reinstalling again and it did not work.I wanted to try profile editor and such but I get the same error message everytime and I cannot open or fix Firefox in any way. Solutions?

edit: added a space after the periods . as it was making links and harder to read.

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Almost nothing worked but I managed to restore the browser by deleting the profiles.ini file

Thank you

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Good work. Well done. Use the links from my last post to copy your old profile to the new.

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