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keyword and description fields missing when add bookmark

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vers 37.0.1 In a recent upgrade I notice the keyword and description fields are missing when "bookmark this page". When view bookmark properties in bookmarks sidebar these fields appear

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Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web Link} by holding down the <Shift>
(Mac Options)
key, and then starting Firefox. Is the problem still there?

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That is standard. You can look at this extension:

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Fredmcd- Problem still occurs in safe mode. Why do you ask, do you not have the problem?

Cor-el - if it is working as intended then it doesn't make sense. why have fields that you can only edit AFTER you have added the record, thru another screen?

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You can make the fields visible with code in userChrome.css ()they have visibility:collapse).

Add code to the userChrome.css file below the default @namespace line.

@namespace url(""); /* only needed once */

#editBMPanel_loadInSidebarCheckbox {
 visibility:visible !important;

The customization files userChrome.css (user interface) and userContent.css (websites) are located in the chrome folder in the Firefox profile folder.

You can use this button to go to the currently used Firefox profile folder:

  • Create the chrome folder (lowercase) in the <xxxxxxxx>.default profile folder if this folder doesn't exist
  • Use a plain text editor like Notepad to create a (new) userChrome.css file in the chrome folder (file name is case sensitive)
  • Paste the code in the userChrome.css file in the editor window
  • Make sure that the userChrome.css file starts with the default @namespace line
  • Make sure that you select "All files" and not "Text files" when you save the file via "Save file as" in the text editor as userChrome.css.
    Otherwise Windows may add a hidden .txt file extension and you end up with a not working userChrome.css.txt file
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Ok Thanks, that works

If they would at least have an option to expand the bookmark add dialog it would avoid this kind of confusion