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How do I upload a file from my PC to my ftp site?

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In MSIE I can click "view" and FTP site appears as explorer folder and I can drag and drop files into my FTP page.

How do I get a file from my PC into my FTP page?


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Have you tried an app? like FireFTP? Or use a separate ftp-program Or do as microsoft say:

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I tried to install the "FireFTP" app but I don't see it anywhere in the browser.

I guess I will go back to using MSIE .... no apps are requireddd, just type in the ftp command and it takes you to the site where you log in and using the View button you can get a view that allows you to drag and drop files to and from the ftp site.

Searching for additional apps and trying to get them installed (and paid for) doesn't seem like an efficient way to do things.

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The app is in add-ons. You have to set it up from there.

From microsofts link: If you want to upload files, delete files, or rearrange the folder structure on an FTP site, you need to open the site in Windows Explorer. If you just want to open FTP sites and download files from them, you can use Internet Explorer. Here's how to create a shortcut to an FTP site so that the site will automatically open in Windows Explorer: Se my link abow.

It took me less than a minute to set up with anonymous login as a "disk". I used to move a lot of files at night using a script and ftp. There were also a lot of free software to make it easy.

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