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why do firefox block all adobe flash player plugins ,, it is up to date ,,

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why do firefox block all adobe flash player plugins ,, it is up to date ,, it also say out of date and need to be renewed .

but when i check on the adobe page . it say up to date .

and this happend after the firefox update to 34.0.5

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I am guessing you have as that was not the last Flash 15 version as and older is blocked and vulnerable. The is not affected though according to Adobe.

The plugin check page needs to be manually updated as the version it currently says is current may not be, say for Flash. Check Flash version at

For Firefox on Windows the current Flash player versions are and the extended support version at

Flash Player Plugin to (click-to-play) has been blocked for your protection.

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fixed .. manuel removed old version

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Old version of what?

Note that it is not Firefox 34.0.5 itself that is blocking (been released since December 1st) but due to the older Flash versions added to blocklist as of December 11.

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Seems I'm having a similar problem-of sorts, I have the following plugins showing for FP: and The Windows control panel only shows FP16 as the installed version so the question is how come I have both version and how do I get rid of FP15?

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Adobe Flash updates don't clean-up after themselves all the time.

First, grab the Adobe uninstaller from here:

Then grab the latest version of Flash from here:

Run the uninstaller, then reboot your operating system. Then you can run the Flash installer, with Firefox closed, of course. Note, if you still use IE, you'll need to reinstall the ActiveX version of Flash for IE. That uninstaller removes all versions of Flash that might be installed,