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Plug-in container keeps starting and making my pc drag almost to a stop have tried to update everything would like to turn it off

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Several sites have videos that start up whenever you visit whether you want to see them or not ...most are ads. Whenever I go to any site that does this my computer gets to a point that my mouse jumps all over the place and it slows to a point of not being able to use it, I have to go to task manager to stop it ....then it starts right back up when I change the page. It is always the plug -in container and if left to run the memory just goes higher and higher. I would like to just turn it off at this point, it makes my pc pretty much useless. It has something to do with the adobe flash player and I have updated it more than once but still no luck. The guesses look about right about os etc.

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First off, seeing that you are running WinXP you would be better off using the older Flash version - aka Shockwave Flash 10.3 r183. The Flash 11.0 and later versions of Flash have a "sandbox" that isn't compatible with WinXP and it doesn't provide any better security than 10.3 r183 has. Adobe kept updating the older 10.3 version specifically for WinXP users until a few months before Microsoft ended support for WinXP, so it isn't even a year old yet.

The other thing to do is to set Adobe Flash to Ask to Activate in the Addons Manager > Plugins tab, so that Flash won't run until you allow it to run.