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Clicking a tab makes that tab focus on the far right of my screen?

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I recently upgraded to the latest version of Firefox and am having an annoying problem that's difficult to explain. I frequently have a lot of tabs open at once due to my work, and this seems minor, but it's driving me insane:

If I have multiple tabs open, and I click one, it automatically shows it as the furthest right tab. It doesn't actually move it, it just focuses it there. I cannot read a tab that's on the left side of my screen without my tabs appearing to zoom to the left, and making it seem as though the chosen tab is on the far right. (Again, it doesn't actually move it- the later tabs are still further right, they have just been moved off-screen.)

I've never noticed this behavior in any other version of Firefox, and I *hate* it. I generally need a group of tabs centered for quick access; I do not want each one that I read to appear on the far right of my screen. I then have to waste time scrolling to get a group of tabs centered again so I can see them at a quick glance, every single time I click on a different tab. I don't even see what purpose this serves, except to be annoying.

Is this meant to happen, and if so is there some way I can stop it?

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