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The "Latest Headlines" on my Bookmark Bar are a month old and won't update to current stories. What can I do to fix this. I haven't changed any settings.

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Firefox 3.6.28 For MacBook Pro 10.4.11

I've haven't had a problem with the News stories updating to current stories until now. NOT very Techie.

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Well, first off, you are running a very ancient version of Mac OS, you should update to at least 10.5, preferably 10.6 if your computer can support it. This shouldn't cost you all that much money. It will probably at most cost you about $40 to fully update your computer ( the benefits of upgrading are numerous, but mainly will provide you increased security, performance and stability. Right now your computer is not safe to use online.

After you update, update Firefox Update Firefox to the latest release and your plugins (

Note, this won't work until you update Mac OS X

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If you can't, try to create another Live Bookmark to see if it works.