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Printing is not working right

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I am trying to print a webpage to PDF which works fine in IE. However, here it cuts off the right side and only prints whatever fits on the first page, not subsequent pages. How do I fix this problem?

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Some websites are designed to have an adjustable width, and others are designed to have a fixed width. If the fixed width is too wide to print (on paper or to PDF), the best option is "Shrink to fit". This is available in the Page Setup dialog and also on the toolbar in Print Preview.

  • orange Firefox button > Print > Print Setup
    orange Firefox button > Print > Print Preview (Scale button)
  • classic File menu > Print Setup
    classic File menu > Print Preview (Scale button)

(On Mac, the scale setting is integrated into the Print dialog.)

Does that work?

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Sorry, I did try that first before writing, and it did not make a difference.

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Shrink to fit should fix the width problem. If the page is still too wide to print, it must have an unusual design.

Only printing the first page is a separate issue. Firefox has always had occasional issues with style rules and render well on the screen but do not print correctly. One classic workaround is to select all (Ctrl+a) then print the selection (Ctrl+p then click Selection in the Print Range section). This doesn't work for all problematic style rules, but does help for some of them.

Is it a publicly accessible page? If so, could you provide a link for volunteers to take a look?

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As a workaround, you also could consider this extension which converts pages to PDF from inside Firefox and preserves the links: Print pages to PDF.

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Thanks for the suggestions above, though unfortunately I had already tried those too but without resolution. It is actually to a PDF that I was printing and the right side is cut off, and again, only the first page of the range even prints anyway. Further, the same problem occurs, even if just previewing the print without actually printing. As to printing a selection, that still had the right side cut off. Go figure?

Here is the link, but please recall, this link produces no problems for me in IE.

Please note, I selected cruise, May 2014, 7-10 nights.

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Thank you for the example.

That page has various rules for how to handle text "overflow" which Firefox fumbles when printing. If that rule is removed, shrink-to-fit works, and all of the results print, but other problems surface: only the header prints on the first page (results span pages 2 and 3), and the prices from the third page show up in the upper right corner of the second page. I have to stop playing with this now, but hope to look at it again later. Would be great if they could fix the site.

Using a manual scaling rule (e.g., landscape at 90%) plus print selection, would be a temporary workaround, but using IE is a better workaround.

It's also annoying that you only get 5 results at a time, but that's a different project...

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I'll probably use the manual scaling etc., as I like Firefox better than IE. Thanks.