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How do I get tabs on bottom back?

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I need my tabs on the bottom back. Stop F..n up Firefox. Don't tell me to make a chrome BS. Make a utility that creates the chrome file with the various choices we want. You have developers who could create such a utility in their sleep. Mozilla has been in violation of WCAG 2.1 since Quantum started. Text under ICONS. Sizing ICONS REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS I will be contacting an Americans with Disabilities Act attorney. STOP FORCING CHANGES that put barriers in front of ADA users.

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See this thread for updated userChrome.css code for Firefox 65 to move the tabs to the bottom position.

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As I said, Don't tell me to make a chrome BS. I have a brain injury that makes it difficult to transcribe information. I have a hard enough time typing a password from memory. If people could only watch me try to type and post and saw how much editing and rereading I need to do to to get my posts together, they might understand. The last time I made a chrome file, it took me over an hour. Some Mozilla critter needs to just write a utility. I used to be able to write code. It should be child's play. For example, when I want to open a home page where I have a Google search, I look at the tool bar. I see a printer, some gibberish, < and > @ and a building. I have to try to translate each image even though the image to text part of my brain does not work properly. I see a building that can be a house. A house can be a home,,,,,HOME, That is what I wanted. I can read and understand text very quickly but I have to stop to translate an ICON or other image. WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0) has a spec for TEXT under ICONS. btw, I do not like searching in the address bar because there is too much visual clutter. Mozilla is based in Silicon Valley where some of the early ADA standards were developed. Why can't Mozilla get their act together. Mozilla abandoned us with Thunderbird even though Mozilla still funds TBird with Grants. Microsoft abandoned us in 2007 with MSOffice 2007 GUI visual crap. I have an top 2% IQ but I cannot do the visual translating. IT SUCKS. and Mozilla only makes it worse. What is so difficult about a simple Utility that can be run to create and save the appropriate chrome file?

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Tabs has been on top in Firefox since oh Fx 29.0 ?

I see based on your previous thread you were using a Firefox 64.0.x version. In order to have had the Tab Bar on bottom you were using a userChrome.css dose to do so. The issue is from 65.0 on there were some changes that broke that .css that worked before and need to use a updated version.

Mozilla does care about Accessibility.

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You shouldn't have to type the text, nobody would expect you do do that. All you need to do is to create the userChrome.css file and paste the code in this file and move the file to the correct location.

It is not that difficult to create userChrome.css if you have never used it.

The first step is to open the "Help -> Troubleshooting Information" page and find the button to access the profile folder.

You can find this button under the "Application Basics" section as "Profile Folder -> Open Folder". If you click this button then you open the profile folder in the Windows File Explorer. You need to create a folder with the name chrome in this folder (name is all lowercase). In the chrome folder you need to create a text file with the name userChrome.css (name is case sensitive). In this userChrome.css text file you paste the text posted.

In Windows saving the file is usually the only time things get more complicated because Windows can silently add a .txt file extension and you end up with a file named userChrome.css.txt. To avoid this you need to make sure to select "All files" in the dialog to save the file in the text editor using "Save File as".

You need to close and restart Firefox when you create or modify the userChrome.css file.