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Place URL bar below additional bar

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How can the bookmarks toolbar be placed above the adddress bar in firefox 31 such as was possible with firefox 30?


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Hi alacer, in case any one else is curious, could you describe your workaround here, or link to it if you posted it somewhere else?

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Hello, don't know if this is what You want but You can try it... In an Empty Space on Your Header... Right-Click and Choose... Menu Bar ... It will appear on top of the Tab on Your Open Screen, there You can access the Bookmarks... Good Luck and I Hope this will Help...!

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Thanks for replying. When I do as you wrote it removes my menu bar but I find that bar useful.

I have not solved the issue but worked around it and wrote a note to the Mozilla dev team.

Thanks again.

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Chosen Solution

Hi alacer, in case any one else is curious, could you describe your workaround here, or link to it if you posted it somewhere else?

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The workaround would be to move other items around and place the location/address bar on another toolbar and the bookmarks on the Navigation Toolbar as that is likely to be the bar positioned highest.

You could use code in userChrome.css to rearrange toolbars. See:

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In firefox 30 my bookmarks toolbar was just under the menu bar and below it was the address bar and below that the tab bar.

Just after upgrading to firefox 31 the toolbar with my bookmarks icons was missing and the bookmarks toolbar was blank.

After investigating alternatives the workaround that resulted was to leave the menu bar at the top with the navigation bar just under it. Then I put the bookmarks icons in the additional toolbar and left the bookmarks toolbar unused which fortunately does not take up any space with a blank toolbar (after unchecking it in the View drop-down menu). Underneath the additional toolbar is the tab bar. Immediately after existing tabs in the tab bar is the widget to open the most recently closed tab (red cross on white background) and just to the left of it is the widget to open a new tab (configured to open using New Tab Homepage 0.43); then at the far right of the additional toolbar are five other frequently used widgets. At the far right of the navigation bar are five infrequently used widgets.

The justification for this workaround is that it required minimum change of configuration from what was in place and it takes up no more space in the UI than before. When I need to free up some space in the UI I hide all the toolbars with a keyboard accelerator - see below.

In conjunction with this configuration of toolbars I am using Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar 1.4.4, which allows changing bookmarks favicon size but no longer can put the bookmarks toolbar on top; and Quick Toolbars 1.1.5 which enables hiding and unhiding of all toolbars by clicking on a widget (on the right side of the tab bar) and with a configurable keyboard accelerator (Ctrl+Alt+:).

I am using a number of other add-ons but they don't affect the UI except for possible addition of a widget and I would include the list except that Extension List Dumper is incompatible with Firefox 31 and I do not yet know of another means of generating the list efficiently.

Note that in the above "widget" refers to the UI of a widget which is usually a clickable icon sometimes with an associated drop-down menu.

It seems to me that a toolbar should be implemented to be just a container for widgets and there should be a relatively large number of generic toolbars available into which any and all widgets could be placed including a navigation widget and even allowing placing that at the bottom where the add-on bar is now located if that's where the user wants it. I have suggested this to the Mozilla dev team.

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I'm not ready to code userChrome.css since I have enough coding (in java) to do. I think that if I have to start coding userChrome.css to get what I want I would probably switch to Chrome because it is likely to be a better investment of my time going forward.

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