Lockwise asks for authentication (password, voice, face or fingerprint) when accessing passwords

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Effective December 13, 2021, Mozilla will be ending its support for the Firefox Lockwise app on Android and iOS. To continue to access and use your password management, see End of support for Firefox Lockwise.

This feature is disabled for both macOS and Windows in Firefox version 76 and above, except in Firefox Nightly and for testing.
This article applies to Firefox desktop on macOS and Windows.

Starting with Firefox version 76 on macOS and Windows, you will be prompted to enter your operating system password (or authenticate using your fingerprint, face or voice login if enabled) when accessing your stored passwords in Lockwise on Firefox desktop. This is an anti-snooping feature designed to protect your logins from unauthorized access.

Note: This feature is disabled if you are using a Primary Password.
  1. When your or anyone attempts to use the Edit, Copy, or the Reveal button (represented by the "eye" icon) in Lockwise, they will be prompted to enter your operating system password or authenticate using voice, face camera or fingerprint login (when enabled) before they can access or edit your logins.
  2. If you've successfully entered your operating system password, the prompt will not be shown until you reload the page or after five minutes pass.
  • Example Windows prompt: This is an example of the prompt that is displayed on Windows. The dialog has options to authenticate using a password or other authentication methods such as PIN. The "More choices" link may need to be clicked on to reveal alternate authentication methods. The username used for authentication must match the currently signed in operating system user.


  • Example macOS prompt: This is an example of the prompt that is displayed on macOS. Authentication is available using Touch ID or a password.


What if I don't have an OS password?

  • Windows: If you aren't using a Windows password, you will not be prompted to enter it.
  • macOS: If you don't have a password, click the OK twice to continue. Note: This is a known issue and will be fixed in a future update.

This feature is only supported on Windows and macOS 10.12+. It is not designed to protect against sophisticated attackers who have local access to your computer.

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