Use the Search bar in Firefox

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You can use the Search bar in Firefox to search the Web with your favorite search engines.

Using the Search bar

  1. Simply type into the Search bar on your toolbar or on the New Tab page.
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  2. As you type into the toolbar search, your default search engine shows you suggestions to help you search faster. For more information, see Search suggestions in Firefox and Use popular search suggestions in the Firefox Search bar.
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  3. Press returnEnter to search using your default search engine, or select another search engine by clicking on its logo.

Available search engines

Firefox comes with the following search engines by default:

  • Yahoo for searching the web via Yahoo
  • Google for searching the web via Google
    Note: The default Google search is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.
  • Bing for searching the web via Microsoft Bing
  • for searching for products on the retail website
  • DuckDuckGo as a search engine for users who don't want to be tracked when they search
  • eBay for looking up items for sale or auction at eBay
  • Twitter for searching people on Twitter
  • Wikipedia (en) for searching the English Wikipedia free online encyclopedia
Customize your search settings: If these settings aren't right for you, changing them is easy. To learn how, see Change your default search settings in Firefox and Add or remove a search engine in Firefox.

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