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I use master password.Evenafter I log out of my account, I am able to access saved log in w/o MP...How to secure my privacy if I need to give my lap for service

I was blindly trusting FF account log in & Master password are enough to protect my privacy which today I realized it is not. Even after I log out of my account, I am able to access all my saved log in without the need of entering log in details or without entering the password. Yes, I understand Master password makes it not able to see my log in details. But what 1. If I face with sudden hard ware problems on my computer.The service centre person can easily open my system & log in to a

I lost all my passwords. And I can't get them back. I have beeen trying for weeks...

I had been a Firefox user for a very long time. And I used to store all my passwords in Firefox Lockwise. Everything was good until one day my computer froze while I was using Firefox. I had no other choice, but to restart my computer. After I restarted my device I found that Lost all my passwords. I tried many ways to get them back, but nothing worked. The thing that makes more confused is that all the password are still there in android Lockwise, But I could'nt sync it to my computer. I tried