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Firefox for Fire TV (2nd Gen' 4k 'box' fully updated) continually crashing & closing - 5x at same part of same page on same website 'techradar'

WHY??????????????????????? It also happens on many other pages. Using Fire TV remote 'back' button often finds a blank white page instead of previous page. Browser may crash or close at this point or not 'go back' without further 'unknown number' of clicks which are more often too many clicks by the time any page ACTUALLY appears. This results in NO FORWARDS button available, so only your memory MAY get you 'back' to where you want or need to be. That assumes there has been NO POPUP about 'browser cookies'. An utterly pointless popup since this browser on Fire TV has ZERO user accessible cookie settings!!!!! This means you can NOT alter whatever the unknown 'default' is!!!! If this pain in the arse pointless pop is 'ignored'- no chance of that since it often 'greys out' the page until you DO respond - then the only 'choice' that gets 'rid of' this popup, is to 'accept' cookies that you can NOT block anyway!!!! This is an utterly false and innacurate interpretation of 'user choice', since 'acceptance' is the ONLY way to remove the popup. Also 'accepting' often crashes or closes the browser. Assuming there IS a 'clickable link' to a 'privacy policy', the same browser may crash or close each time a user tries to read this 'policy'!!!! This OBVIOUSLY has the result that this browser or the webpage (or both 'together') are potentially 'ACCIDENTALL'??? causing a situation where either the browser or the webpage (or both) are increasingly UNFIT for purpose. The 'user' is supposed to be able to actually READ this 'policy'! IF they can NOT, because using said 'potentially broken link' always or often crashes or closes the browser, then 'user choice' does NOT exist for this browser, on ANY & EVERY page where this happens. WTF is the point of having a browser that has ZERO user accessible settings, where 'default' MAY be 'cause' of the 'instability'????, that actually does opposite to its' (assumed) 'design', which is to ALLOW browsing, not PREVENT it! A privacy policy (while being an ESSENTIAL and perhaps even legally compulsory part of a 'page or site) is pointless if either the page/site or browser actively or accidentally (due to some unknown, intermittent, or unreported 'error') does not allow a user to read it?? They can NOT make an 'informed choice' when ZERO choice exists. Or maybe Firefox browser for Fire TV is just 'broken', needs an update, or is not 'compatible' with pages or sites (all or some) that present 'cookie popups, AND some that do NOT present them. This problem does NOT (or extremely rarely, if ever) happens with ANY browser used so far on ANY mobile, smart 'device', nor any NON mobile smart 'device' (except Fire TV Stick AND 'box') that also use, or have used the Firefox browser. This (& other) browsers, used on devices NOT from Amazon DO at have SOME user accessible settings. Checking &/or changing these settings can SOMETIMES solve the issue, but not always. What, if anything, do you suggest I do now?

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