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Borrar cookies

Descubre cómo eliminar las cookies que almacenan ajustes de configuración de los sitios y datos de inicio de sesión, los datos del sitio y limpiar la caché.

Deshabilitar cookies de terceros

Algunos anunciantes usan cookies de terceros para rastrear las páginas web que visitas en las que aparece su publicidad. Te explicamos cómo desactivarlas.


I keep getting this when I go to Facebook page (only started a week or so ago). The page isn't redirecting properly An error occurred during a connection to www.facebook.com. This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies. I`ve tried to do myself but not working any help anyone, please Thank you

What is the difference between "Allowing a site's cookies for Session" and "Allowing a site's cookies"?

Does "Allow Cookies for Session" (under Privacy and Security > Cookies and Site Data > Manage Permissions) mean that Firefox will only store websites cookies that are used to remember that we are signed in or does it mean that it will only remember cookies for a website until I close the browser? Does session mean: 1) The active session until I close the browser; 2) The session/fact that I'm logged in to a website?

Cookies exceptions not working

Hello, I'm having some problems with cookies exceptions. When I add cookies exceptions from Settings > Privacy & Security > Exceptions they do not work. When I add exceptions from that page - Page info > Permissions they work. I think there is something wrong with the Exceptions in the settings area or some hidden setting I don't see... By default I am using private mode and blocking all cookies. On attached image you can see first entry I added in the settings page and second from permissions menu in page info. Would appreciate your help. Thank you.

Why are cookies being accessed at startup?

In my Cookies and Site Data, under "last used" it says there's a whole bunch of cookies being accessed every time I launch Firefox. Even if I launch Firefox with no open tabs, cookies are still being accessed when I launch. I find this deeply disturbing! Cookies surely should not be able to activate until you start visiting websites? Can anyone please explain how and why are these cookies being accessed?

Deleting cookies and browsing history?

I'm experiencing some trouble on the website Chesstempo. I can't acces some of the functionalities on the site and I can't log out off the site. I think a resent Firefox update might have changed somethings in regard to browser history and cookies? My problem: Firefox won't delete cookies and browser history. I did a reset and when that didn't work I had to manually delete sqlite and json files. That worked!.....but I'm still experiencing problems on Chesstempo. I'm on old hardware here, so the problem could be on my end, but Chesstempo worked fine until recently. Obviously Chesstempo have to have the abillity to set and read cookies to track my activity properly. Other competing products work fine here? Any thoughts would be appreciated

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