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Borrar cookies

Descubre cómo eliminar las cookies que almacenan ajustes de configuración de los sitios y datos de inicio de sesión, los datos del sitio y limpiar la caché.

Deshabilitar cookies de terceros

Algunos anunciantes usan cookies de terceros para rastrear las páginas web que visitas en las que aparece su publicidad. Te explicamos cómo desactivarlas.


I keep getting this when I go to Facebook page (only started a week or so ago). The page isn't redirecting properly An error occurred during a connection to www.facebook.com. This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies. I`ve tried to do myself but not working any help anyone, please Thank you

Cookies exceptions not working

Hello, I'm having some problems with cookies exceptions. When I add cookies exceptions from Settings > Privacy & Security > Exceptions they do not work. When I add exceptions from that page - Page info > Permissions they work. I think there is something wrong with the Exceptions in the settings area or some hidden setting I don't see... By default I am using private mode and blocking all cookies. On attached image you can see first entry I added in the settings page and second from permissions menu in page info. Would appreciate your help. Thank you.

Firefox 81.0.1 not remembering cookies

Version 81.0.1 (64-bit) does not remember cookies. I logged in to my email, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites and chose to remember the browser. When I restart the browser, I have to login again. This happens on all sites with passwords. I tried the sites and restarting Firefox several times with the same results. I have disabled all tracker blocking, allowing everything through. Enhanced tracking protection is off for the sites. Cookies, etc. are NOT set to delete upon exit. This is new behavior. Earlier versions did not have this problem. Any idea of how to fix this?

How to clear some cookies in Firefox?

It is possible to clear all the cookies from a website in Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/clear-cookies-and-site-data-firefox In my case, I would like to clear only authentication cookies (to be automatically disconnected when I close Firefox) but I want to keep the other cookies about my preferences. However, I can select on which websites I want to clear my cookies but I can't select which ones. Is there a way to select the list of cookies I want to keep/clear for each websites? Thanks.

Managing Cookie Exceptions

Need help configuring Firefox exceptions for Cookies and Other site Data so sites like the NY Times can remember me so I don't have to log-in to them multiple times per day. I've even deleted Firefox and started over, but that did not resolve the issue. I need an expert in this to help me as I'm just not getting it...though I have tried many different configurations of FireFox's settings. Thanks Tim

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