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Firefox opening all web pages with Weird characters

Couple of days ago I opened the Firefox but I saw it keeps opening all web pages with weird characters, I uninstalled it completely, refresh it on safe mode with no add-ons, I see there is no problem with any other browsers suck as chrome or waterfox and others, this problem is only on Firefox...I removed all cookies and everything but still problem going, I use laptop windows 10 with last updates on it...I tried everything available on web sites but no work...I didn't do any changes in about:config...please help me out with this issue, thanks

Firefox won't auto-fill login names and passwords

Recently, my Firefox stopped automatically filling in login credentials in sign-in forms. If I double-click the user/email field, it will usually give me a few recent options, but not the one associated with the domain I'm visiting. - Happens for EVERY site, including this forum - I'm not in private browsing mode - Not using any privacy restrictions (form history is set to save, cookies enabled, etc.) - Haven't accessed about:config in a while, didn't change anything there - Don't have a master password set Firefox version = 55.03 (latest stable 64 bit release for Mac OS X) This may have happened when I updated Firefox, I'm not completely sure.

Firefox takes 10+ times longer to load websites than Edge or Chrome

I'm at my wits end. I've tried every fix I could find and Firefox is dramatically slower then Edge or Chrome. This happens with loading sites, like Amazon. Also, it often locks up/stops when typing (like right now) and it takes about 15 seconds for it to repond again. First, I doubt it's a hardware or network issue, since it's happened on both my old archaic PC and now on my new PC (i9 CPU, Nvidia 2070 graphics card, 64gb RAM). Here's some highlights of what I've tried so far: • Refreshing multiple times • Rebooting the PC • Doing all the Quick Tips on this website • Eliminating all extensions • Clearing all cookies and cash • ... Also, I don't get any error codes. The tab icon just spins for a long time. I'm hoping I'm missing something obvious, since I love Firefox. Thanks and any help!

Website appears as Text only

I use the site Goodreads regularly. Yesterday in the morning I went there as I normally do and all was well. In the afternoon, the site appeared as text only. I was able to access using Edge and Chrome. So, I followed the instruction given to troubleshoot problems with websites appearances incl cookies, cache and history removal, fiddled with the zoom percentage, with my extensions, performance, etc I couldn't find how to change hardware acceleration, but my system is pretty new. I'm not sure what change between the morning and afternoon, but I know I didn't touch the settings in Firefox at all. I even refreshed FFox and unistalled and reinstalled it, but to no avail. Could the website have a problem and the cause not be mine at all? Any other suggestions? I dropped a line to the website, but my experience with them getting back to me has not been positive. Thanks a lot.

Facebook White Screen (only with Firefox)

Today I got what I've seen described as the "Facebook White Screen of Death". I've tried: Reload Clear Facebook cookies (which implies logging back in) Clear site data Restart in Safe Mode None of these things make any difference. Still get only a white screen. Facebook works fine in the Chrome browser and in the Android app, so it must be a Firefox-specific issue, in my case. This is Firefox 81.0.2 under Ubuntu 20.04 The problem only started today. I've used Facebook with Firefox for years without problem.

Security protocol error when sending emaila

I installed the latest version 81.0.2 - I WISHED I haden't When sending Emails I get-: 'Thunderbird can't connect securely to website.mozilla.org because the site uses a security protocol that isn't enabled' Now then, I use exactly the same set up on two other computers but with a older Firefox but all with exactly the same Email versions of an ealier Thunderbird. Question 1. How the blazes can I stop this error? Question 2. Why is it that I have to answer Cookie permissions before going to a web site. Question 3. How the hell do can you turn Google search suggestions off - YES, I have search suggestions disabled! The only sure way is to block them with ADblock - WHY can't it be done in Firefox, paying a sum are they? EDIT: The link should read-: website-archive.mozilla.org Dave

Firefox fails to display eBay site correctly

It may be after a recent update, but Firefox no longer displays eBay pages correctly. The site appears as raw text, quite unformatted, with no images, and is useless for navigation or use. in fact, it looks very similar to the very old-styles "text only" displays that used to be alomst standard last century. I have already deleted cookies and history. I have little time to spend dealing with Firefox problems, and so have reluctantly stopped using it. I am now using a competitor's browser. However, if anyone has a quick simple solution I will take it. But Firefox's configurations menus are uselessly designed and one must scan the entire menu system quite often to find (and fail to find) whet one needs, so please (try to) make it quick & simple. In hope, and possible thanks.

Can't connect to Yahoo IMAP & SMTP servers (TB 78.4.0 & TB 68.12.1)

Since today I can't access my Yahoo IMAP and SMTP servers, neither with TB 78.4.0 nor TB 68.12.1. The access to Yahoo's POP3 servers is possible as I have still one Yahoo e-mail account which uses POP3 server. Yahoo had announced that they will restrict the access to their e-mail servers for "outdated Apps", but to Thunderbird this restriction should not apply. Things I've done so far: * allowed cookies in "Privacy & Security" (was already set) * deleted all old passwords * tried to change authentication method to OAuth2 both on IMAP and SMTP servers, worked for the IMAP servers only The following errors occur: * TB just says "'''Couldn't connect to server imap.mail.yahoo.com'''", and that's it. No "Enter password for server XYZ" dialog is shown * I can't change the authentication method for SMTP servers to "OAuth2", the option is not shown in the drop down list * since one of my Yahoo e-mail accounts (which is accessable via POP3) is working with TB, I've tried to access my other Yahoo accounts via POP3 servers instead of IMAP servers, but failed I would be grateful for any help and ideas.

Can't login to YouTube, Error 405

Hello. I am having the same issue as another user, but they flagged their question as solved so I'm making a new one just in case. I can't login properly to YouTube, '''only in Firefox''', even after clearing cache and cookies and disabling add-ons/running safe mode. I can login to my Google account, view my playlists and recommended videos (although the main page with recommendations only shows 5 lines of videos and when scrolling further is not loading). I can't make any edits, for example add videos to the "Watch Later" playlist, that require a login. When I click login, Google shows the 405 error "The request method GET is inappropriate for the URL /youtubei/v1/browse/edit_playlist. That’s all we know." or with other URL, depending on the action taken. What can I do? Thank you.

Firefox doesn't open web sites but gives 404 reference instead & Web mail issues.

Software versions used: Mac OS 10.12.6. Firefox 55.0.3. Safari 10.1.2. Problem: I get 404 page not found references when I follow links in email correspondence and in searches. When I do the SAME links in Safari I get the page. I'm also having issues with my Web mail settings where parts of the settings disappear when forwarding, replying, or composing email when I use HTML/plain text email. I have uploaded example images of each of these conditions. I have none of these issues when I use Safari. What I have done: 1. Spent hours reading Firefox "how-to" files. 2. Cleared history, cache, and cookies with no change. 3. Downloaded and substituted the Beta version (56) of Firefox without change. 4. Trashed and re-downloaded Firefox current edition approx. 3 times both before and after the Beta version. At this point I have no idea how to fix this. I am being forced to change my default browser to Safari which does not display the tabs, etc. in a way I prefer. How do I fix this or is it something I can fix?

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