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Pages not loading correctly, buttons not working, and local storage can't be turned on -- is this a lost cause?

Greetings - I'm experiencing multiple issues on Firefox and I'm wondering if these can be fixed, or I'm I'm better off re-installing. To wit: 1) Certain sites have stopped loading properly. For instance until earlier today I could load Facebook with no problem, but now only the top blue menu bar will load; the rest of the page is blank white. Oftentimes this has happended with certain other sites; for instance I've not had full functionality on Vimeo or the New York Times' sites for a while. Until recently when I've had this issue with Facebook I've been able to clear the cache and re-load and that has been working, but today I tried this and now that solution doesn't work. 2) Certain buttons don't function, such as video playback buttons on The Guardian's site, or certain playback and navigation buttons on Netflix. 3) I tired to log into my Firefox account and got the warning message "Cookies and local storage are required. Please enable cookies and local storage in your browser to access Firefox Accounts. Doing so will enable functionality such as remembering you between sessions." Cookies *are* enabled, however, and nothing seems to turn them back on. I've even tried trashing the cookies.sqlite file and re-starting, it doesn't help. I'm tempted to trash the whole install and start from scratch (I've been upgrading from one to the next for over ten years now), but I have thousands of bookmarks I want to preserve, plus many passwords, and now I cannot even log into my Firefox account on the browser itself due to the erroneous "cookies" error massage to confirm that all my passwords are safely backed up. I've tried re-starting in safe mode with all plug-in disabled, and that did nothing to solve my problems. Er... help?!

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