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Firefox 53.0 desktop browser on Windows 10 not clearing all active logins

I recently changed my settings to clear all history (active logins, cookies, cache, etc.) after I close my browser, but my Kanbanflow account remains logged in. The tab automatically logs into my Kanbanflow main board the moment I open my browser, even after I've closed Firefox and shut down my laptop for a few hours. My browser also doesn't always clear my Google and Facebook logins, especially if I reopen my browser immediately after I close it. It only clears those logins if I leave Firefox closed for an hour or so, or shut down my laptop. I have tried unticking the "Clear all history" box and re-ticking the box, but it didn't help. It's very frustrating because the whole point of this setting is to save me the effort of manually logging out of every single account. OS / laptop info: Windows 10, Asus UX305 laptop that I've had for about 10 months. I have the latest version of Firefox - 53.0 (32 bit) I haven't turned on the "clear all history" setting until very recently, when I started getting more serious about online security. I installed a bunch of add-ons a couple of weeks ago - Privacy Badger, Uncheck Stay-Signed-In for Google Login, HTTPS Everywhere - but the issues with Kanbanflow, Google and Facebook only started a few days ago. The most recent Firefox update was installed on April 23rd 2017. Has anyone experienced this issue and solved it? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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