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Why didn't you include these important privacy features in FF quantum ?

Firefox Prizes itself in Healthy Network and Internet Privacy, however they did not include these 2 features which made me turn down the browser : 1 - Where's the option to delete EVERYTHING in your browser after you close the window ? (history, session, Download history, cookies, passwords, auto-fill and etc)---(Shouldn't a browser that boasts about privacy include this feature) 2 - I do not like using cookies so I have disabled them altogether, whenever I use a site that requires cookies I allow access only for that site, which is easily accessed from the address bar on chrome but not on Firefox, I don't want to open up a whole page and change the settings every time just to use a website. (The cookie feature should be accessible from the address bar when relative) 3 - I'm not sure if this is true, but I heard some rumors that FF will introduce a new way to show ads that take information from the user randomly. I understand that ads are the glue that hold the internet and economy together, without ads people can't make money. However I don't like that a "privacy browser" is using these kinds methods. Also, I've heard some rumors around FF quantum that it was made by google or is related to google in some way. Is this also true? why is Mozilla relating with google ? I was personally very excited to see FF release a new browser that is so perfect, right way I started to use it until I came across these problems which made me quit the browser and go back to my previous one. You added all these features but forgot some basic ones which are important. This browser has the potential to rival even chrome, that's how amazing it is with all it's features but you are missing a solid few features. Please add a delete everything option, and Cookie settings that are more accessible from the address bar. Otherwise I'm going back to my previous browser. Thank you

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