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Corruption of places.sqlite?

Using Firefox 68.0.1 on macOS 10.14.6. I also use Cookie 5 for management of cookies and noticed it was not deleting Firefox cookies, but still worked with other browsers. I worked with sweetpproductions.com to see if Cookie 5 had an issue but nothing found. Essentially, if I wipe out Firefox entirely ( I went as far as creating a new Firefox Sync account) things work for a while. Problems start to show up in this order: 1. No suggestions from my history when typing in the address bar 2. Old bookmarks show up, ones that have not existed in the new Sync account (I did, however restore my bookmarks from a clone of my SSD made a couple of weeks ago, so they may have been somewhere in there) 3. Cannot delete these old bookmarks 4. Export bookmarks to html creates a file with only folder titles, no links at all (I tried this to see if I could edit out the unwanted bookmarks there and re-import) 5. Export bookmarks to html fails altogether; no file is written 6. Cookie stops being able to read and delete Firefox cookies. The new cookies arrive, can be seen in my Privacy prefs, but don't show in Cookie 5. Most of this sounds like places.sqlite is becoming corrupted. I don't think that is affected by Cookie 5, as I understand it stores only history and bookmarks. I'm waiting to hear from SweetP to confirm Cookie 5 doesn't touch places.sqlite. I suppose I must try to confirm this by starting over again and keeping a copy of places.sqlite when it is fresh, then using it to replace the file in my profile when the problems start. To save time, I plan to try first to replace it with a copy from yesterday from a TimeMachine backup. I'd be delighted to have any advice you can offer. In the last few days I have set up just about every other browser for Mac I can find and only Vivaldi comes close to Firefox (but when that Vivaldi Helper starts eating up my CPU things get hot and the fans run. I can't live with that!)

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