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I keep getting those pop-up ads with pictures of items that I may have searched for from different retailers. How do I get rid of them?

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Firefox 50.1.0 having issues

I'm using Firefox 50.1.0 on a Windows 10 Home edition laptop version 10.0.14393 Build 14393. I have Flash 24,0,0,186 installed and Java 8 update 111. I noticed Firefox being slow on a lot of video sites (other than youtube). I have done everything I can think of from uninstalling Firefox, doing the refresh firefox thing, using the profile manager thing to delete my profile and make a new one. I deleted all firefox folders I could find with my profile data in it and reinstalled firefox.... nothing has helped. My problems are... 1. I get that annoying spinning circle thing. 2. When I try cycling tabs using the Ctrl + tab option it looks different. I don't like it. 3. Google maps will load, but when I click the icon to get directions from Point A to Point B and hit enter it never loads any results. (works fine in IE 11 I just checked) I'm not sure what the problem is, but Firefox doesn't seem near as fast as it used to. My computer works fine when not using it, like everything else seems normal. But when using Firefox lately it's just slow/laggy/annoying. I know Firefox doesn't normally behave this way though. I also notice under task manager everytime I open firefox it has 2 listed. For example when I open task manager and click the processes tab firefox is listed under the apps section once using 130mb, and then listed under background processes once using 207mb. Or if I click details it's also listed twice One PID is 6428 and the other is 2632. One is using 126K and the other one is at 181K. I know the two processes may be normal because I am aware it may be using one of them for sandboxing or whatever? My laptop has 8gb of ram so I know that's not the issue. Like I said all of the other applications seem to be working like they normally do. Just currently not firefox ): I really dislike IE, always have, and have always liked firefox ever since I knew it existed, so it'd be great if someone could help me fix it. I know the issue may not be firefox itself, but maybe something it's using? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling flash along with java, but that hasn't helped. Please see the pictures I attached, thank you to those for taking their time to help people like me haha! Note: Yes I have tried clearing cookies, cache, etc. it didn't help. I'm also fine with providing any needed logs to assist in troubleshooting. Just tell me where to locate them or what commands to use to get to them. I know firefox has menu things that tell about it's settings and whatnot but I'm not sure how to get to them.

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I can't open a new tab.

When I click on the + I get this: "An error occurred while processing your request." Where do I go from here?

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