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I get a message in TB to enable cookies in browser when trying to connect with gmail.

When I start TB I notice that my newest email is several days old. I press "Get Messages" and I get a large message window. The title says "Enter credentials for (my email address) on imap.gmail.com". Below that in a sub title is "https//accounts.google.com/o/nocookie". The message itself is "You've reached this page because we have detected that cookies are disabled in your browser. The page you attempted to load cannot display properly if cookies are disabled. Please enable cookies and retry the operation or go back in your browser." I am assuming that the browser referred to here is Fire Fox and I found that Fire Fox is set to accept cookies and 2 cookies from google exist "1P_JAR and NID". at any rate I can neither receive nor send emails in TB. A little background: I was forced to change my Google password on Apr 20. When I changed the password I opted to eliminate "Less secure apps" not knowing this included TB. TB was rendered inoperable, in that it could not connect with gmail. I found in the TB help area that I should not have done that - the article said to use authentication method "OAuth2" and that's where I am now: not able to use TB since Apr 20. I have been struggling to keep up using gmail direct but I really miss TB and all of the shortcuts I have added. Where did I go wrong?

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