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Firefox Multi Account Containers

When I log in to my google account using Firefox Container Tabs and after after sometime Clearing all cookies in the Browser Google Account logs out, Is there any way to keep it logged in ?

Page isn't redirecting properly ?

I cannot get into a website, but I tried on Chrome and I the site is accessible and runs well I get the message "page isn't redirecting properly" Cookies etc. I enables every cookies, still not working How do I fix this please?

Latest vrsion of Firefox is logging me out of sites.

Firefox, latest version, keeps logging me out of sites. I have tried all troubleshooting suggestions offered on the web that I could find, short of starting all over by resetting profile, which I do NOT want to do. Anyone have any suggestions other than the standard ones about cookies, preference settings having to do with cookies, private browsing, deleting all cookies, deleting cookies files in profile folder, extension issues, etc? Thank you!

Logon issue with Halifax Online Banking (UK) site

Can't log in. MS Edge does allow log in. Pls see attached image. Have tried clearing cache and cookies. Address is:- https://www.halifax-online.co.uk/personal/logon/login.jsp TIA


how do i setup multiple sessions that have their own set of cookies and cache? (just like i was using mulitple browsers) jev

Random suggestion in search bar

As I type letter d in my seach bar this random url is suggested { https://dolohen.com/ } . I refreshed firefox still not gone. and its not even in bookmarks and I cleared by histroy and cookies completely no luck. Help

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