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I accidently input wrong age when trying to set up account. Will not let me set up now...how do i fix this?

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I can't send with SMTP on Thunderbird 45.6.0

I didn't change anything in my settings, but as of yesterday I can't send any more emails with my gmail account. My work address is still working, maybe since it is a Google Apps account. Here are my settings for the account that doesn't send (note it is the same for the account that does work): Server: smtp.gmail.com (previously it was working with smtp.googlemail.com but now neither works) Port: 465 Security: SSL/TLS Authentication: was "normal password" and that that was working until yesterday, but one Google forum suggested I change to OAuth2 (which doesn't work either) Username: My-full-address@gmail.com With those settings, now when I click send it asks for my gmail username and PW, then brings up a window that says "If you’re trying to use your Google Account and see a message saying your browser's cookie functionality is turned off, it’s likely your browser's cookies are disabled. You’ll need to turn cookies on to use your Google Account." I also got the error "Sending of the message failed. The message could not be sent because the connection to Outgoing server (SMTP) smtp.gmail.com timed out. Try again." So is Thunderbird wanting to look at my Cookies in Chrome? I do have Cookies enabled in Chrome, so it shouldn't be a problem, but just in case I cleared the cashe, and no luck and I even disabled then reenabled Cookies again.

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