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Why doesn't "Delete cookies when Firefox is closed" also delete the Cache?

Firefox's '''Clear Data''' control allows you to clear both Cookies AND the Cache. This makes perfect sense, since both of these things can be used to identify/track people. But from what I can tell, if you enable the option '''Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed''', this ''doesn't'' clear the Cache, only Cookies? In fact, the only way to clear the Cache at restart is to dig deep into the '''Clear history when Firefox closes''' settings, which few people would know to look in. So, correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't this giving users a false sense of security? They think all the Cookies will be deleted when they open Firefox, but actually the Cache is still there, allowing them to be easily identified? Personally, I'm less concerned about cookies because they are opt-in (here in the UK). But as for being tracked via the cache, we have no say in that, so that's what I'm more concerned about.

Delete all cache, cookies, browsing data.

I can not delete my cache, cookies, browsing history, although I am in private/Strict mode. I have not had this issue before. I have tried everything except refresh Firefox option. What is the reason this is occurring and how do I resolve?

can't login to yahoo mail it says enable cookies,but it won't work

when I try to login to yahoo mail it takes my email address and when I try to put in a password it says cookies are disabled please enable cookies, but when I try to enable cookies no matter what I do it doesn't work! I am using the latest version of firefox and have windows 7 proffesional

Cookies and site data not being deleted when I close Firefox

I am very keen to avoid cookies being stored on my computer and have checked the box that says "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed". I have no "Exceptions". I also have "Strict" tracking protection - again, with no Exceptions. Yet when I open a particular bookmarked website (www.bikemap.net), Firefox displays the page showing the bike route from my street to my friend's house that I looked at weeks ago. This even happens when I open the site in a New Private Window. I am baffled as to why this is happening and what I need to do to stop it. Can you help, please? Thanks.

firefox ask cookies on some site's login despite they're active

im using private browsing and options for not be tracked but times ago i haven't these cookies problems for example trying to log in on facebook tell me cookies need be activated...can this be solved by deleting the file cookes.sqlite ? btw recently firefox is beginning to have many problems , problems i never had in the past and i haven't chaged my configurations...hope to solve at least this ( yeah the problem for videos not working is still not solved yet... ) thanks

When I delete Cookies, Flash player settings come to default (reset), is this normal?

Hello, When I delete Firefox (55.0.3) Cookies, Adobe Flash player ( settings come to default (Allow/Ask...), although I've checked the "Block" option. It's the first time I face such an issue. Is it only for me (Win 10 pro 64bit v.1607) ?? Thank you!

Firefox - about:preferences#privacy cookies GUI freezes

Firefox - about:preferences#privacy cookies freezes. A new different cookie GUI with a wallet type icon in the middle that when clicked, it highlights a red box in the right hand upper corner, that does nothing either. Otherwise nothing functions after opening the cookie window. Only thing changed was No-Script update yesterday.

New firefox for Android : regression, regression, regression (cookie management)

Tonight my firefox for android was repkaced by some crap for which I do not understand the interface. Several of my extensions were removed removing dome feature I consider as very important. I used Cookie Auto-delete to manage the cokkies depending on sites. I cannot do this anymore. Now I am stuck with a global management. I have some trusted sites for which I want to keep the cookies, most other I want them deleted as soon as I close the tab. Firefox used to allow this, Firefox does bot allo trhis anymore. I cannot trus firefox for android anymore.

One particular web site keeps refreshing though I have tried all the recommended repair options such as turning off acceleration, turning off add ons, cookies.

I have a problem with a particular web site that I have previously used without problem. It keeps refreshing and stops me using the news links within the web page. I have tried deleting cookies, stopping hardware acceleration, stopping adblock java, etc. Disabled adds ons under Safe Mode. Nothing seems to work. I do not have problems with any other web site.

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