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Gmail on Thunderbird Enable Cookie Problem Solution

Ran into this problem while setting up a gmail account on Thunderbird “You've reached this page because we have detected that cookies are disabled in your browser. The page you attempted to load cannot display properly if cookies are disabled. Please enable cookies and retry the operation or go back in your browser.” The solutions that came up in search did not solve the problem. I figured it out. It has nothing to do with enabling cookies in Thunderbird. It does not hurt to enable before you do the following steps. In Thunderbird enable cookies Options > Privacy. You can change this around at any time and it makes no difference what the Thunderbird Privacy setting is. The first thing I did though the order may not be important just the settings. Set up your new g-mail account in Thunderbird -e-mail and password - click OK. In set up configuration change the IMAP and STMP from gmail.com to googlemail.com. Click Advance Config button. This will set up the E-mail account in Thunderbird. Go into your Thunderbird account server setting through accounts> view settings for this account and change security settings> authentication method to Normal password Click OK Sign in to your Google Account in a browser. Go to Sign-in & security> Apps with account access> Allow less secure apps turn that to On. Now go back to Thunderbird and click on Inbox and your Thunderbird account should fill and work.

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"Cookies and Site Data" that are planted by Firefox itself (not websites)

I have Firefox set to "Always use private browsing mode." Then, under "Cookies and Site Data," I select "Accept cookies and site data from websites" and also select "Keep until FIREFOX IS CLOSED." So, I go to a website. Then, before I go to a different website, I close Firefox because I want it to dump EVERYTHING from my visit to the first website. But, because I am healthily paranoid, I double-check to make sure that everything is dumped. But what I find is the following, under "Cookies and Site Data": "Your stored cookies, site data and cache are currently using 168 kb bytes of disk space." Or, the number can be 148 kb. Or 98 kb. What the number is exactly, however, does not matter except for the fact that THE NUMBER IS NOT ZERO!!! So, I start suspecting that the residual "cookies, site data and cache" are not from the websites I visit, but FROM FIREFOX ITSELF. Sure as hell, they are. How do I know? Because I can open Firefox, clear the "Cookies and Site Data" so the number goes to zero, then close Firefox without ever going to a website. Then, open Firefox again, and guess what? THE NUMBER IS NOT ZERO ANYMORE. So, would someone please give me a fix that does not involve cleaning the f'ing cache every time I go to a new website. And if you have the time, maybe you can convince me why a privacy-minded person should not dump Firefox altogether. (Warning: If your argument is going to be "Don't dump Firefox because there's no better alternative," then you can please save your breath.) Thanks.

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