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Firefox 69 broke all cookie exceptions

Goal: BLOCK ALL cookies using the strictest setting, then use the (archaic) exception interface to allow specific cookies to be set so that specific websites function enough to be utilized as intended. Firstly, I am a very experienced Firefox user of many years. I have had my firefox set up as described above since installation, so it's not some operator error problem. I'm uploading three screenshots that will spell out my problem in black and white. The specific issue --as shown in the images-- is that immediately after installing firefox 69 all my exceptions no longer function at all. As you can see in the image showing site information "mail.google" and "accounts.google" are being allowed. This is because I used the right-click method on the site to create a cookie exception via site permissions under the "View Page Info", so please ignore those two for the purpose of this discussion. If you'll notice in the same image, "https://www.google.com" shows as Blocked with a tiny X next to it. As shown in the image of the (archaic) Cookie Exceptions Interface, the very same site "https://www.google.com" is clearly set to "Allow". If I click the tiny X next to "https://www.google.com" in the Site Information's Cookie section (as shown in Image one) the "exception" is removed and it just shows "Blocked" as it does in the "play.google.com" entry.Re-adding the exception to the Exceptions lists restores that tiny X but the cookie remains blocked. I have already covered adding redundancies and variants of each domain such as both HTTP and HTTPS etc. I have noticed, however, that entries like "google.com" which used to cover all possible variations by avoiding the prefix altogether have entirely disappeared. It is my theory that this is part of the problem, but on this I am no expert. In summary, I would like to restore my FF69 to what it was before FF69: with all cookies blocked and a few select cookies allowed through. Drastic actions like refreshing everything to new and that sort of thing I do not believe is the solution. What I am hoping for here is to alert developers so that they can fix it in an upcoming patch. Irrelevant Comments: I had a terrible time trying to utilize this forum. I try to never make accounts and was forced to do so to post here. Fair enough, but in order to do so I had to use Microsoft Edge (BLECH!) because the site simply would not function on Firefox. This is likely to very strict settings on my end but I must say that many other forums work flawlessly. I find this disappointing. I believe it is time for an entirely new cookie exception interface where entries can be sorted, modified and easily accessed. If you've ever scrolled through 8 zillion exceptions you know what I mean. The Site Preferences interface's cookie & site data entries should be click-able with easy ways to allow or disallow. An advanced mode (with a warning for beginners) allowing more comprehensive exceptions on per cookie basis with features like are available in the browser extension named CookieBro would be absolutely ideal. Firefox seems to be becoming less and less friendly to the advanced user with less and less control over content on a per-site basis. My apologies for including some feedback here, but I can't find anywhere else to send it. Thank you one and all for your time in advance, and any solutions that don't involve catastrophic actions will be greatly appreciated.

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