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How does FF Quantum currently handle cookies?

I’ve noticed a difference in the Quantum release of FF 57. If cookies are not enabled some websites will not display content. However if they are enabled the content is shown. Google, previously, seemed to be the company that provided cookie handling to all websites that wished to obtain information on the interests of visitors. Now, after enabling cookies, FF does not indicate that any cookies have been placed on the hard drive, even though cookies have been enabled. If anyone has an answer to this seeming discrepancy please describe what is taking place. Why is it necessary to enable cookies to view content when there is no indication that cookies are being used anymore? Are we being misled by what appears to be no attempt to deposit cookies on our hard drives, when in fact something of this sort is taking place? To prove this to your satisfaction visit a website that requires cookies, and enable them to see content. Then check “Accept cookies from websites”. Afterwards uncheck the box and look to see whether cookies have been placed by checking the “Show Cookies…” box. If your system responds the same it will indicate no cookies have been placed, even though you accepted them so content would display. Additionally the many negative responses to FF Quantum are shared by me. However I’m willing to endure until the issues are fixed if someone in the upper reaches of FF development can assure FF users that this will happen. All my Add-On’s (Extensions) are gone. In particular FEBE by Chuck Baker, which is an excellent backup, is gone with nothing to use instead. This makes using FF Quantum so dangerous that no new Add-On’s can be tried, since the one backup that worked to reverse bad Add-On results being tried was FEBE and it is now termed “Unsupported”. FF has literally killed their new Quantum release. Who specifically is responsible for letting this happen? It does appear this is an organizational problem, more than a development problem. There need to be personnel replacements at the management level or all FF users are going to have to find other non-Mozilla browsers since Quantum has effectively killed any future development at this point. Please note that the reason I’m enduring Quantum at this point is the Bookmark Manager & Viewer. It is the ONLY thing FF has released that attempts to work on the failure of FF to search for folders. However it is TOO SLOW and has many deficits that make organizing bookmarks for those of us who have a lot of them not feasible. It could cover the same capabilities that Deduplicator provided. However Deduplicator was only able to be tried because FEBE still existed. Deduplicator did not have any way to manually select what was to be removed and FEBE was able to reverse what would have been a disastrous destruction of many needed Bookmarks. I have many other issues of a negative nature concerning Quantum, but these will do for now.

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