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Deleting cookies and browsing history?

I'm experiencing some trouble on the website Chesstempo. I can't acces some of the functionalities on the site and I can't log out off the site. I think a resent Firefox update might have changed somethings in regard to browser history and cookies? My problem: Firefox won't delete cookies and browser history. I did a reset and when that didn't work I had to manually delete sqlite and json files. That worked!.....but I'm still experiencing problems on Chesstempo. I'm on old hardware here, so the problem could be on my end, but Chesstempo worked fine until recently. Obviously Chesstempo have to have the abillity to set and read cookies to track my activity properly. Other competing products work fine here? Any thoughts would be appreciated

Private mode sending cookies

I noticed today when I opened a new private window and pasted a URL into the address bar, the website seemed to know that I had been there before. So I closed the window, opened up a new private window, turned on the network tool, and tried again. What I saw was on the very first network request, Firefox sent half a dozen cookies to the website! What's going on here? Does the private browsing session not end when I close the window? Is it supposed to?

Exceptions - cookies and site data

Is it too much to ask that the "Exceptions - Cookies Site and Data" dialogue box has some kind of search function? It is almost impossible to search through hundreds of entries to find the one you need to unblock or change. The Sqlite file permissions.sqlite is of course a binary file so we cannot go and search there. This has been the case for years and years and no recognition that somehow when you put an entry in a large list you may just want to change your mind without spending hours finding the entry or even being able to check if it exists or not. Just like the cookie dialogue please put a search function here. It's not rocket science!

How to except Espacent cookies?

Espacenet, a patent site, says I can't download patents into my Firefox unless Firefox is setup to accept cookies from their site. How do I do that? I have version 78.0.a (x64 en us). Thank you, Joe Mangino Jr. joe.mangino.jr@gmail.com If you would be able to find the time, I sure would appreciate it. I am on a deadline. Sorry if this post came through twice. Thank you, Joe Mangino Jr.

firefox 55.0.3, accept cookies unchecked, cookie allow exceptions do not work-- basically they are ignored. Earlier versions worked.

Firefox 55.0.3, windows 10 The goal is to not accept any cookies except ones that I specifically allow. (For example for my webmail account.) I am trying these settings: Accept cookies unchecked. cookie exeptions allow. Tried all combinations for "always use private browsing mode" and "clear history when firefox closes." Basically it ignores the cookies exceptions. This used to work fine on previous firefox versions, on other computers. The failure described here occurs for installations of firefox 55.0.3 on two different windows 10 computers.

Automatically delete cookies when browser closes

Can the Firefox iPhone app be configured to automatically delete cookies when the browser is closed?

hello I have a question about cookies and cache

Hello all I have a site that I log into to manage different things and everytime I go the help section it asks me to relogin. I contacted the support for this site and they say it is a problem of cookies or cache. However, even after I have wiped the cookies and delete the navigation history, I cannot log in. Is there a magic way to clean cache and cookies, thank you Kimbert ps when joiningdata found this "safeMode": false, "supportURL": "https://support.mozilla.org/1/firefox/81.0/Linux/en-US/", "numTotalWindows": 1, "numRemoteWindows": 1, "remoteAutoStart": true, "autoStartStatus": 1, "policiesStatus": 0, "keyLocationServiceGoogleFound": true, "keySafebrowsingGoogleFound": true, "keyMozillaFound": false ??? what is this 'remote'!!!

Tbird insists I must turn 'accept cookies' ON in Firefox -- but I did and it IS on.

Attempting to send email (gmail account) in Thunderbird using Firefox. 'Accept cookies' is ON. Thunderbird insists it's OFF. Nope, it's ON. IMAP enabled. Thunderbird receives all my incoming messages but says I can't send anything out unless I "accept cookies".

Delete all cookies when Firefox closes except some specific ones

Using Firefox 68.12.0ESR. I know 78 is available, I just haven't had the time to test it yet. I delete cookies when I exit Firefox. I want to keep some for sites that I trust, such as this site. I've added exceptions to Allow these trusted sites as documented on a thread somewhere else, but it doesn't work. All cookies are deleted. Is it possible to keep cookies only for a select group of sites. eg. support.mozilla.com, tomshardware.com, mydigitallife.net, speedtest.net and so on. Thank you.

I am unable to verify email due to it says "cookies are still disabled"

I am unable to verify email due to it says "cookies are still disabled" I tried to syn and got verify email : after I press verify the page appear as : "Cookies and local storage are required Cookies are still disabled Please enable cookies and local storage in your browser to access Firefox Accounts. Doing so will enable functionality such as remembering you between sessions." I tried all suggestion in your webpage and it still the same Could you please help me? many thanks, Yaniz

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