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Firefox does not show cookies

Hello. I am not new to Firefox, but I have problem with cookies. It surprises me. The problem is that: 1) I log into a website; 2) I clear the cookies using both the "Clear Data..." and "Manage Data" buttons (marking all the options); 3) Firefox says "Your stored cookies, site data and cache are currently using 0 bytes of disk space." 4) I refresh the page of the website; 4) the website still shows that I am logged in; what is more, the developer tools->Storage shows some cookies (I do not know whether it is all of the expected cookies for that website). What is more surprising to me: 5) After the above steps, when I set the option "Block cookies and site data->Type blocked" to "All cookies" and then refresh the page, the website says that I am NOT logged in, but the cookies ARE still shown in the developer tools->Storage; 6) after that, when I set this option to "All third-party cookies", after refreshing the website says that I AM logged in "again". The cookies are still shown in the developer tools->Storage. To be sure, I have checked the above behavior using a new, clean profile. I wanted to know if this is expected behavior. Maybe I just do not understand how cookies work (in Firefox)? My environment: Firefox 63.0.3 (64-bit) (clean, new profile, beyond of course the above cookies settings); Fedora 29 Workstation; Linux 4.19.2-300.fc29.x86_64 UPDATE: this website does not handle session in the URL.

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