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google searh keeps switching to yahoo

I cleared all my cookies and the search engine shows google but the results come out in yahoo. Extremely annoying. Please help

Nenačte se QR kód na whatsapp

Dobrý den, nenačítá se mi QR kód na whatsapp webu,ani po vymazání cookies. V ostatních prohlížečích funguje.

Embedded youtube videos not playing, An error occurred. Please try again later. Youtube layout issues

Hi, first of thanks for reading and possibly responding. The issue I am having has been going on for a few days. In websites where youtube video's are embedded if I try and play the video on the said site it will load and display an error message An error occurred. Please try again later. If I visit the video on youtube, link provided in the video itself, then it plays just fine. Error is not restricted to one site but anything that embeds youtube videos. I have also come across some strange youtube.com issues, when I am on the main website you get the thumbnails of video's but no time duration are displayed in the thumbnail, neither are the 3 dots where you can have one of the videos removed (not a big deal and maybe this was implemented a while ago I don't know tbh). When I play a video, as in visit the video page on youtube the side bar videos sometimes do and sometimes don't display time duration. Please check attached image to see what I mean. Left is without said timecodes, right is what it almost should be. What addons do I use: Ublock Origin is the only one worth noting but even without it the weird thing still occurs. I don't use any plug ins that correspond with youtube. I am using the latest Firefox on Windows 10. Things I have tried thus far to resolve it: - make sure Firefox is up to date - try with and without addblocker (Ublock) - remove Adobe flash entirely - refresh Firefox and clear all data and cookies 9tried this I think 3 times now, no change) - looked through older posts with similar issues but most links regarding html5 on youtube were 404 and sometimes the solution stated things like 'cause by some video helped addon' which I do not use or updating Flash Am I the only one with this issue?

I can’t login to the Ebay site. Firefox 80.0.

Hello! I immediately apologize for any possible mistakes or incorrectly composed sentences - I am writing this message through a translator. I hope that I can convey my thoughts, please treat with understanding. I just started using Firefox, after Chrome and Edge it is like a breath of fresh air, everything works great, except for the Ebay website. The site itself is working, but I can't log in there. The page is loaded after entering data with the message "Access To Website Blocked". In support, I found a similar problem, they advised to disable tracking protection, but this doesn't help. I also cleared all browser data, history, cookies, cache. Launched the browser in safe mode. It doesn't help either. I thought that the Adguard program was to blame for this - I turned it off. And it didn't work either. Moreover, I can access the site without any problems through Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Even through the mobile version of Firefox, you can log in without problems, but on a PC there is no. I made such banal methods as rebooting and checking for system and driver updates. The PC rebooted, Windows 10 was updated to the latest version (Home, 64 bit, version 2004, KB4566782, OS build 19041.450), the drivers were all updated too. Firefox on this computer has not been used before, i.e. the reason is definitely not in the hardware and hardly in the software. Only one site Ebay doesn't work. Everything else works flawlessly. Please, help fix this problem. Or at least help send Mozilla report somehow.

mobile version of site showing on my laptop browser

gettyimages.com keeps coming up as a mobile version of the site on my laptop browser. I cleared cache and cookie but it didn't change anything. Other sites don't seem to have this issue?

This account is not active. Please contact an administrator if you believe this is an error.

I use Firefox for many years. Firefox is always synced and I use "Firefox master password". The problem is that '''every time I try to sign in my account '''I see this message: "This account is not active. Please contact an administrator if you believe this is an error. " ''This message is looks like mozilla's prank, because someone needs to sign in first to get help!'' As I try to get help, "support mozilla" is drive me to an endless loop in Mozilla.org. After several minutes (I think about

Unable to connect with G-mail

I am unable to configure my wife's TBird to connect with her G-mail account. This only occurs on her (occasional) travel computer and has not effected her main computer or iPhone. The problem started because of a change to Google password months ago. I diagnosed that one and updated in/out password within TBird. But I still get a dysfunctional Google screen when "Get Messages" is pressed => legit looking Google screen that asks for sign in email address... no problem. But "next" just repeats

My website is live, but Firefox won't show it

My website, [http://www.bluecollaru.com www.bluecollaru.com] www.bluecollaru.com has been verified live in MS Edge, and by GoDaddy And it's verified it's live on ''Chrome for Android'' and by [http://isitdownrightnow.com isitdownrightnow.com] This happened just last night. If I type the URL directly into the Firefox address bar I get this message "Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site. We can’t connect to the server at www.bluecollaru.com." I have cleared cache, cookies, history, cleared the Managed WP site cache, had GoDaddy clear the global cache, I've rebooted router and WiFi, I have disabled all plugins, allowed cookies (although my site doesn't use cookies) I get the same error in Private Mode. I can do a Google search and the site comes up - I click on the name and it works just fine. Anything I haven't done?

automatic signout

websites like whatsapp youtube etc require sign in again and again even after i sign in , when i sign in and close firefox then open the same website again i need to again sign in to that website please help me how to fix it , also my firefox crashed one day , i recently unchecked pop ups then checked them again.

Ebay problems in Firefox

The last couple of days Ebay shows only text files, nothing else. Have cleared Cache & Cookies, turned of Adblock but nothing helps. In Chrome and Edge, eBay are fine.....(But I am Firefox fan, and want to use Firefox) What is wrong, and how do I fix this?

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