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I am erroneously and automatically logged out of a language website when submitting test materials and my test answers are not saved.

I'm taking an online French class; the online company is Vista Higher Learning (VHL). I have had various problems with using their online materials. Most significantly: when I'm doing an exercise and/or a lengthy test, I'm given the option of "Save" or "Submit". Sometimes when I click Save, I'm automatically logged out of the program and my responses are not saved. Same for clicking Submit on exams. I have resorted to taking screenshots of my responses for fear that the material will be lost with another auto logout. I have contacted VHL Support numerous times. Their suggested remedies: clear cache files, clear cookies, try another browser. I've done all that. I've also reset Firefox and uninstall/reinstall FF. VHL states that they have no issues with my problems; the program functions normally for them. For me, it does so ca. 80% of the time. But in the most critical moments (like when taking a lengthy test), the program performs as I stated above. I don't want to use Safari because I am a longtime FF user and am familiar with FF. Some of the program glitches occurred on Safari as well. For the last test I took a few days ago, I had to resort to using Safari and it worked. At least when I clicked Submit, it did submit. I'm running FF Quantum 66.0.3 (64 bit) on an iMac running macOS Mojave 10.14.4. Any suggestions would be welcome!!

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