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firefox stoped logging into Yahoo mail.

Firefox no longer signs me in to my Yahoo mail, I get in through microsoft edge have done all the suggestions deleted history, cookies, etc still can't sign in.

Why must I sign in everytime I open firefox

Simple question Why must I sign in everytime I open firefox. Never used to happen ?

Couldn't move files in Bookmarks, went to support, instructed to "refresh", NOW I've Lst Three years of Bookmarks/Themes & Add-ons WTH!?!?

Greetings Ya'll, My problem started with not being able to move bookmarks in to their folders, so I went to support, from there it instructed me to go to troubleshooting, then hit "refresh" at "Give Firefox a Tuneup". "Good Golly Miss Molly!!" It All Hit th' Fan then! With No Notice, Firefox disconnected from the Internet, & No window, etc. was shown at the Desktop. I immediately reactivated Firefox, & then saw that there were two Firefox icons, & also a small window popped up at Desktop, showing this "Refreshing Process". Now,....I've lost THREE YEARS of Bookmarks, Music, HVAC Training Videos, Family & Business links, & more!!! WTH!!! Belay that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Found all of that in the Library & moved the Icon back to where it should be. But, it does appear that I'll have to reinstall all of my Themes, & Add-ons,... Is this Correct? And could this "Refresh Process" possibly have fixed the problem with "History & Cookies" not being deleted, via Ccleaner, when I manually did this? That problem I've already asked about, before, herein the Forum, & I did do several Screen Captures to show that, but, with everything that has been going on In "The Real World", due to My Work, Research,Family, Big Brother, Wuhan Virus, etc., I never went back to that topic. But regarding this problem,.... I Found My Bookmarks etc, & I can now move the "Bookmarks" to their Proper Folders, but,... From what I'm looking at, I have to reset Firefox Preferences, Re-install My Additional Browsers, Themes , & all "Add Ons" Correct?

Ebay problems in Firefox

The last couple of days Ebay shows only text files, nothing else. Have cleared Cache & Cookies, turned of Adblock but nothing helps. In Chrome and Edge, eBay are fine.....(But I am Firefox fan, and want to use Firefox) What is wrong, and how do I fix this?

clearing cache

I read instructions on clearing cookies and cache. Question, If I check the box to clear the cache, which your instructions said will require websites to reload images and data, will I lose all my photographs that are on several websites such as twitter and pinterest?

When trying to pay for anything with PayPal within Firefox, I can log into PayPal but then the payment page never loads. Other browsers work just fine.

No matter which website PayPal is used on, as long as I try to pay from Firefox, PayPal will not load the payment screen. Other browsers perform the sane transaction just fine. I have tried clearing cookies and cache. Also, I have tried the security icon in the address bar. Why is this happening?

Microsoft won't allow Firefox logon

I am running Windows 10 Pro on a Dell XPS 8930 with Firefox 80. When I attempt to go to the Windows Community, I receive the following: https://user-media-prod-cdn.itsre-sumo.mozilla.net/uploads/images/2020-09-09-12-19-01-944e48.png] If I use Edge, there is no problem. Any ideas here?

Firefox gives my homepage URL an extraneous extension of 5 random characters - which generates a 'file not found' error message.

I have already tried clearing the cache & cookies with full restart. This resolves the issue temporarily, but it returns after time. First recorded occurrence was 9-4-17. After clearing cache & cookies as mentioned above, observed it again on 9-14-17. Cleared it & now it's happened again 9-24-17. Uncertain if there's a pattern there regard the dates, as I was away from my office yesterday the 23rd to see if the problem would have presented itself then. Thank you for your time, insights, & suggestions. PS: I tried to share a screen shot {45k} , but the upload tool just keeps spinning.

firefox keep logging me out of evey website when I close it

i have followed this but no result Firefox will => choose "Use custom settings for history" Make sure that "Always use private browsing mode" is unckecked. Check : "Remember browsing and download history" Check : "Clear History when Firefox closes" To the right : click "Settings" and check only "Cache" (nothing else, unless you want to check "Form and Search History" too)

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