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Logged out from all website after run firefox on Windows

I have Firefox in Debian 10 and Windows 10, after about 3 days of time using Firefox in Windows, Yesterday I have used this again, And I understand when I use Firefox in Windows, I will logging out from all websites in Firefox in Debian. I produced this problem before but does not understand it happen because I used Firefox in Windows last time. Looks like all cookies will erase in Debian. But I do not know why. Please note I have logged in to Firefox before and this does not happen when I logging to my Firefox account.

Firefox can't load youtube settings.

Firefox can't load youtube settings, instead show endless preloader animation. Win 10 FF 78.0.2 64bit I cleaned the cookies, tried safe mode, tried to delete all plug-ins, tried to delete the browser profile, I reinstalled Firefox - no result. What should I do?

Thunderbird won't login to ATT Yahoo mail (With new suggested settings and Oauth2 password)

Cannot access Yahoo mail for about two weeks now with T-bird. I am using the latest version with inbound.att.net and outbound.att.net with Oauth2 selected. I have an Oauth password from AT&T, when I try to use this I get a pop up that asks me for sign in credentials. When attempting sign in it says I need to enable cookies. (Firefox) I have given "cookie" permission to https://att.com, https://yahoo.com, https://login.yahoo.com. Can't get past this, any suggestions or additional permissions I might try?

Problemas de acceso a Facebook

Hola a todos, Tras instalar la última versión de Firefox (la que tenía instalada era más antigua que Matusalem) ahora estoy teniendo problemas para acceder sobre todo a Facebook, y a determinadas webs que antes si podía acceder. ¿Sabéis que puede estar pasando? Ya he verificado todo lo relativo a Cookies, pero no consigo decirle que me deje en paz ciertas Cookies. En fin, seguiré investigando. [https://www.todoporteros.es Guantes de Portero]

Accounts don't save

Hi! I don't know if my question is kind of simple, but I've tried everything and I'm still having the problem that Firefox doesn't remember any of my accounts and its passwords. If I want to log in, the auto fill works, but every time I open WhatsApp Web, Youtube, Gmail and other tabs I have to log in again. At the images you can see that YouTube, for exaple, says it has my account saved, but when I open it I have to log in. Thank you! Note: This just happens when I close Firefox, might I turn "Save cookies after closing Firefox" on?

Auto-fill suggests a login that is not saved

I have tried several of the suggested fixes for this issue. I am no longer using an old login for Amazon, and I have tried to clear it as an auto-fill suggestion. However, the login does not appear in the saved logins and passwords section of my settings. I have tried to clear my history, delete all cookies and my cache, and attempted to delete the login from the Amazon login screen, but the login was not in the list of usernames to delete. Is there something I am missing? Thank you!

Error message when setting up my "Yahoo Small Business" email account

Hi Everyone, I am new to Thunderbird (on my Mac). I have two email addresses, my personal (regular Yahoo email account) and my business ("Yahoo Small Business" email account). The Thunderbird setup for my personal Yahoo email worked perfectly but for my Yahoo business email, I have a roadblock in the setup. When the Yahoo pop-up window appears for me to enter my "credentials", I click the "Next" button and then it just gives me an error message: "Please enable cookies in your browser and sign in again". I have never had any issue whatsoever related to cookies and I doubt that cookies is what the problem actually is. I also get an error message from Thunderbird: "Authentication failure while connecting to server" I have attached three images: The Yahoo page with the error message. My two Outgoing Server address options (I have tried both but to no avail), and my Chrome cookies settings. Thanks very much for your help!

Update to FF 74. Now "Whatsapp web" & Google "messages for web" don't work. They won't even load but they both work on latest Chrome. Works on FF 73.0.1.

I have another machine running FF 73.0.1 and everything is fine. FF 74 won't present QR code for either web app. I just get an "about:blank" page. Just started this morning after upgrading to 74. I have cleared cookies and cache and restarted. Any ideas?

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