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One particular web site keeps refreshing though I have tried all the recommended repair options such as turning off acceleration, turning off add ons, cookies.

I have a problem with a particular web site that I have previously used without problem. It keeps refreshing and stops me using the news links within the web page. I have tried deleting cookies, stopping hardware acceleration, stopping adblock java, etc. Disabled adds ons under Safe Mode. Nothing seems to work. I do not have problems with any other web site.

Page isn't redirecting properly ?

I cannot get into a website, but I tried on Chrome and I the site is accessible and runs well I get the message "page isn't redirecting properly" Cookies etc. I enables every cookies, still not working How do I fix this please?

Can't Undo permanent private browsing...?

I was messing around with Privacy & Security settings. Under Cookies & Site Data, I checked Delete Cookies & Site Data when Firefox closes. I've decided I don't like it and want to uncheck it. But now it's greyed out and I can't find any way to change it back. It says I'm in permanent private browsing mode. There MUST be a way to change this back to how it was! What is it???

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