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Getting Thunderbird to accept passwords for bellsouth.net

I seem to be completely blocked in getting one of my bellsouth.net accounts to accept any password so I am unable to send or receive messages. I have worked on this for hours and tried everything I know to do. Would using a "secure mail key" be the answer? Both for sending and receiving? I think I tried that last night without success. But I will do anything suggested. Just need the "nuclear" possibility. Thank you. Bob

syncing thunderbird email with gmail, google contacts on Windows 10

Finding it v difficult to sync thunderbird email with gmail, google contacts and google calendar on Windows 10. Not easy and addons don't seem to be there. May go back to using gmail as email client.

La barra de herramientas se reinicia

A veces, los cambios hechos en las preferencias o en la configuración pueden no ser recordados por Firefox. Este artículo explica cómo resolver el problema que origina esto.

Restablecer las preferencias

Este artículo explica cómo restablecer tus preferencias a la configuración predeterminada usando el modo Seguro de Firefox.

La barra de menú ha desaparecido

La barra de menú de Firefox (Archivo, Editar, Ver, Historial, Marcadores, etc.) puede estar oculta o haber desaparecido. Descubre cómo recuperarla.

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