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My session cookies were deleted after I upgraded from 73.0.1 to 74. How can I restore them?

After upgrading to 74 from 73.0.1 I noticed that although my session (tabs) was restored, several cookies were either missing, overwritten, or cannot be read by the host website. For example, when I attempt to browse the youtube homepage, it is as if I never visited the site before; the recommended videos are random and the site defaulted back to the ugly new design. I never log into youtube so restoring that session is the only way to get the algorithm to recommend the random junk I like to watch lol. My facebook account was also logged out. The session cookies come up when I search for them from the options menu, but the session ID or whatever has likely been changed. Is there any way I can restore the old session cookies from a backup/earlier FF session? Where are individual cookies even stored now? Seems like they're all dumped into some obscure local database within an obscure folder with thousands of files that ordinary users cannot service themselves. I miss the old .txt file approach. I know the security issues but then again I have a separate machine for watching funny videos on the internet and browsing facebook. I pity the fool that wastes any time hacking this thing lmao.

Chrome saves a seperate profile for every website visited that cannot be deleted or stopped. Does Firefox do this? (this is not a cookie as such)

This is a direct question as to whether Firefox saves any user NON DELETEABLE information. It appears Chrome does. These are not cookies or history as I know it. Presumably after Chrome has uploaded to a server somewhere it is then deleted or perhaps there is a timed or storage limit delete. The Chrome explanation is that "it makes the user experience faster and better". More likely is that google is increasingly being denied cookie & tracking data because of privacy addons or public opinion, they have a new way to get most of the same information. They just call it a "profile" rather than a cookie.

When I delete Cookies, Flash player settings come to default (reset), is this normal?

Hello, When I delete Firefox (55.0.3) Cookies, Adobe Flash player ( settings come to default (Allow/Ask...), although I've checked the "Block" option. It's the first time I face such an issue. Is it only for me (Win 10 pro 64bit v.1607) ?? Thank you!

Firefox - about:preferences#privacy cookies GUI freezes

Firefox - about:preferences#privacy cookies freezes. A new different cookie GUI with a wallet type icon in the middle that when clicked, it highlights a red box in the right hand upper corner, that does nothing either. Otherwise nothing functions after opening the cookie window. Only thing changed was No-Script update yesterday.

In Privacy & Security, I manually delete cookies and history I do not want, I have always got down to 3 to 4MB, now it stays at 1GB, does not refresh.

Win7, SP1, had Firefox 73+. Updated to 74.0 now to 75.0. Used to clear certain cookies and site history manually and get to 3 to 4 MB cache. Since 74.0 and now 75.0, under Privacy & Security, I clear some cookies and site history, but cannot get below 1GB in cache size. I can't find what has happened.

My logins are still available, even after I cleared "Everything" history; signed out of my Fox sync account; cleared "Cookies and Site Data"

My logins (username/email addresses & Passwords) are still available, even after I cleared "Everything" history; signed out of my Fox sync account; cleared "Cookies and Site Data". So for example, after doing the above, I'm now logged out of my gmail account, but if someone steps in front of the computer I was using, runs Firefox, and goes to Gmail.com, they can see all the gmail accounts I have and can log in to them. How can I remove all logins from the Firefox browser on the public computer? Firefox 76.0 Windows 10

When I attempt to manually clear "Cookies and Site Data" at the end of a browsing session, I am left with 2.6MB of cached web content. How do I clear this?

Firefox is set to be in permanent private browsing mode: History is set to "Never Remember History" and all "Cookies and Site Data" is set to be cleared each time Firefox is closed. Nevertheless, my habit for years has been to manually clear these options at the end of each session and Firefox always reported that "Your stored cookies, site data, and cache are currently using 0 MB of disk space" afterward. Beginning a few months ago after a Firefox upgrade, 2.1MB of Cached Web Content remained after my attempts to manually clear the data. With the latest upgrade to 73.0.1, this has risen to 2.6MB of persistent data. Why? And, how can I clear it?

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