I have a handful of general questions about Firefox OS as a consumer..

I couldn't find a better place to post this, so I'm trying on here.

I'm in the market for a tablet (high-end), and I'm holding off on getting an Android-powered one because of Firefox OS. However, I have some general questions and concerns regarding performance, software and hardware. Here they are.

1. Is the Firefox OS interface as responsive as a native experience on say an iPad or an Android tablet? (Is there any lag on swipes between screens, button presses, etc?) If not, will it be in the future?

2. Will I miss the Android marketplace or the Apple app store, being restricted to only HTML5 apps? Do you think this will become an irrelevant question as the HTML5 app ecosystem grows?

3. Do you think the quality of HTML5 apps will be inferior to those from existing app stores because they are free?

4. Will the Firefox browser be the only one available in Firefox OS? (i.e. will there be the option to use Chrome, Opera or any other browser if the user so wishes?)

5. Will Firefox OS include useful utility apps, such as an alarm clock, a calendar, a weather app, etc?

6. I read a lot, both on the web (news, video game reviews), as well as ebooks. Will Firefox OS on a tablet be a pleasant experience conducive to e-reading? (Will it include a good ebook reader app?)

7. Will there be a high-end Firefox OS tablet that is comparable in specs to the Nexus 10? (i.e. impressive screen resolution, powerful CPU/GPU, lots of inputs/outputs like USB, HDMI, microSD, etc) When do you think such a device might become available?

8. Would it be possible to flash Firefox OS onto say a Nexus 10 or other tablet or phone if one wanted to use it as their OS instead?


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